Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's now our turn to start holidays and we are leaving tomorrow to fly back east to Nova Scotia for a weeks stay with Pete's family.   Sooooo looking forward to it.

Zack is going to stay with my friend Liz and her little dog Zoey the shih tzu.   They get along great so I am hoping Zack isn't too rambunctious and behaves himself as this will be his first stay there.   Liz works at the vet clinic where I take Zack so I know he is in good hands.

He should have a good week while we are away as we have him booked in for doggy daycare every afternoon next week as well  so hopefully he will be a little more tired by the time he goes home to Liz for the evening.    I am sure he will have fun no matter what.

Til next time....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Their Last Day Together

Zack & Deuce's last day together consisted of a lot of laying around and lounging in the sun on the back deck.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Wonder

Every time I look after Deuce I always wonder what else is in his breeding.   

He is definitely mostly whippet but he has a bit shorter leg and a thicker neck.   Maybe Labrador who knows it is really a mystery.   I know most of the dog breeds and still can't fathom what that little percentage could be.      He is a really handsome dog.   Anita, Deuce's mum doesn't know either.   Whatever he is he is a cool dog and I just love his ears.

The following photos say it all as to how much fun they have been having.

Deuce goes home tonight :( but we have had a lovely time with him.    I think his mum is going away again in October for 3 weeks so we might have him back before you know it!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Trouble

Deuce the Whippet mix arrived a day early but we didn't mind at all as he is no trouble.   

Zack of course was so over excited to see him that he pestered poor Deuce a bit the first night for an hour or so wanting him to play but Zack soon realized that Deuce now being around 10 years old didn't feel like playing ALL the time and was quite content to "just hang out together".    Deuce is such a good dog and they were both soon curled up sleeping.

The next day tho Deuce decided it was time for a play after all and started running round the back garden and stealing Zack's was so funny

 Zack thought this was the best thing ever!!!!!   Zack was moving so fast to try and keep up to the whippet that all the pictures with him in were all blurry...ahahahah

With the weather being so hot lately we have been walking early in the morning and late in the evening and finally I have found another place to let the dogs off the lead for a run.   My favourite walk is "off limits" now til November cuz of the rattlesnakes in that area.   We have heard of two dogs now being bit over there this summer and I am not going to take any chances. 

The new field is aways away from home but it is nice and open so the dogs can have a good run and alot less chance of seeing a snake.  There is a nice dirt road to walk on so not trudging through too much rough weeds and undergrowth, etc.  but there are burrs,   I have always marveled at Zack's wiry coat as being the best repellent to everything natural but whatever these tiny miniscule little burrs are they stick to his fur too, darn it.  I was picking them off him forever this morning but Zacky thought it was fun and was wiggling all over the place - I think he's ticklish ahahahah  

After having a good run this morning in the fields, having some noms, Zack and Deuce are now  content to lay in the sun in the garden.

Aaaaaah what a life....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's All About Fat Cat

Fat Cat has the mind that life evolves around her.    Well may be it does.   It starts before we wake up with her howling and howling - "feed me"  "feed me" and banging on the bedroom door.    Of course I get up and feed her :)

Due to her wide girth she only gets a small amount of food a day and is always hungry so as soon as we are properly up and go downstairs to feed Zack she is howling for his food as well as she has gobbled hers already.    She eats laying down like a queen.   I wonder if she expects me to hand her each kibble one by one like a slave feeding the queen grapes LOL.  

Some days I have to put her in the kennel to let Zack eat as she would push him out, honestly it is really bad.   It's hard enough to get Zack to eat sometimes and it doesn't help when Fat Cat is trying to chow down his food!!! 

Earlier this year Fat Cat had senior blood tests done and we found out she was hyperthyroid.   So far she is asymptomatic (other than her being hungry), not lost any weight or had any issues which is a good thing.   She is still not on any medication either and the vets just tell me to watch until she starts to lose weight before we start any medication.   We shall see if that day ever comes :)

 When strangers or other dogs come over she "holds the fort" under the coffee table and sits there like a brick.    No matter what dogs come round she never runs and if they come near her she gives them what for.    Most dogs are terrified!!!   Seriously, poor Nina the schnauzer goes screaming down the hall like somethings trying to kill her.....even though it is just a fur covered bowling ball trotting after her with belly waddle swinging from side to side as she goes....oooh scary Fat Cat - but Fat Cat knows she is the queen and that's all that matters.

I think Fat Cat is the once in a lifetime cat for me.   She is so loveable with us and it is so hard to explain to people that is the way she is because she is not keen on other people and absolutely hates the vet.   I wouldn't have her any other way tho.    Zack just loves her too and they still cuddle all the time.   

Fat Cat is 11 years old now, I hope she lives a long long time so that she can be Zack's pal for the rest of his life.   I don't think we will find another cat like her that's for sure.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poor Nina

We don't normally see Nina (and Jim her dad) that often but we got to enjoy her again recently under sad circumstances.   Her big sister, Kiki the yellow labrador passed away at the vets waiting for an ultrasound.   She was 10 years old and it was all very sudden.   Very sad.    Nina hasn't known life at her house without Kiki and has been having a hard time when being left alone.  Luckily Jim takes Nina to work with him everyday which is great but at other times when Nina has been left alone she has been stressed without Kiki and got into mischief in the house - I understand Jim came home one evening and the house was a mess and little Nina was on the dining room table!!   So when Jim had to go away for the day he didn't want to leave her for that long until she adjusts to being alone so he dropped her off at our house.   Of course we didn't mind at all....and Nina soon made herself at home

 Zack helped to take her mind off of the loss

he even shared his favourite wubba kong

well sort of

We didn't really know Kiki the labrador as much as being older Jim didn't take her too many places but I think it has been a terrible loss to them....  anything we can do to ease the pain for  both Nina and her family we will.

I didn't get pictures but later in the day we even took her down to the river and Zack, Nina and I sat on the riverbank and watched Pete fish and the swallows do their thing - it was lovely.   I think Nina had a good day.   When Jim came to pick her up later that night she was so cute and ran down the street to him, Jim scooped her up and fussed her all over.....  You have to know Jim but he is a hunter, a tough kinda guy who doesn't really like "little" dogs..... you know a hunting dog is the only way to go bla bla bla..... but little Nina is the light of his life now and he just adores her ----- scruffy little dogs rock!!!!!

Hopefully the loss will get easier and may be one day Nina will get a new little pup at home to keep her company.

This coming Thursday we have another guest coming to stay for a few days, Deuce the whippet x, while his family goes away on holidays.

It is ever the revolving door for dogs in our house but I don't think Zack minds a bit!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogging Blues

I think I have had the blogging blues.   It has been two weeks since I last blogged about little Zacky.   I don't know why but I haven't felt like blogging.    We have even been away for a few day's at my sisters in Montana too and I didn't take one picture, not one while I was down there.    I must have come down with blogitis or something.  

Today is a new day and I think I have my groove back  - it's not like I can ever run out of things to say about my little terriorist.

Zack hasn't changed he is up to mischief one minute and then a little angel cuddle bug the next.   The hot weather has been draining for both Zack and me so we haven't been walking as far or we go later on when it cools down.  Zack gets frustrated waiting for his walk and tends to get barky so I get him going with this Wubba Kong in the garden.... it's hilarious

One day I will have to get a video camera with sound so you can hear him growling and slapping that thing as hard as he can!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Gifts

I love to paint and now have a couple of  new items to add to my pet portrait business.   I am now doing Christmas Tree Ornaments and/or magnets.   All breeds available.   Custom orders of your pet can be painted from a clear photo.   Here are a few examples of what I have done.      

 The first one above is a magnet.  The rest are tree ornaments or just wall hangings.     All kinds of ribbon is available.

I do a 3 inch round or 4 inch oval



 Cavalier King Charles


Other sizes are available for magnets, etc.    These make great Christmas gifts and are one of a kind originals.   A great keepsake.

If you are interested  to place an order before the Christmas rush, please email me for details at or phone (403) 327-6617.  Shipping available.