Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Fishing

Fall fishing at Police Lake at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is my favourite place to fish.  It's so beautiful this time of year and we took Zack and Molly with us before it gets too cold and the snow starts to blow.    The weather the day we went was just crazy.   

This sign seems to follow us everywhere lately.  No walking through the trees that's for sure.  

It was a crisp morning and no wind while we waited for Pete to get the boat in the water.  Zack and Molly looked on from the jetty in all their water gear.  Zack was pulling faces he hates his life vest.  

Once on the boat he forgets all about it.  Too many things to smell and see.  

The wind then started to blow.  
It blew up and then calmed down. It rained then the sun shone.  It got cold and then warm.  Crikey it didn't know what to do.  At least it didn't snow!

Capt. Zack kept a lookout for any little muskrat that decided to swim by.  Nothing came close to the boat this time other than a few birds which took a quick dive as soon as they saw him!.  Molly is such a cutie on the boat,  nothing gets her too excited she would rather sleep lol.  

We caught lots of fish, saw Ospreys, bald eagles and lots of water birds. Luckily no bears :).  Just love the wildlife there.  

During a heavy downpour the dogs and I huddled under the umbrella and blankets to stay warm.  Pete continued fishing , nothing will stop him.  Everytime he lost a fish he would shout "you bastard!"   It was so funny. 

Wicked black clouds moved in over the mountains and suddenly Kaboom a loud clap of thunder hit,  we then made a mad dash for shore for our safety and sat in the car waiting for the storm to pass.  The sky was very dark but beautiful. 

I will continue our fall fishing outing blog next time.   

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trip to the Mountains - Last instalment

We had a one night stay at Island Lake Lodge up the top of a mountain.  It was truly beautiful up there.  

Our room was cozy like a log cabin and we had a beautiful view from the balcony.  

It was funny to see how different the dogs were.  Zack's terrier instincts never died down and he was always on the lookout while Molly was happy to take a nap.  All the fresh mountain air is very tiring ya know.   They were so cute. 

We were going to do a bit of hiking but yet again on the trails there was a warning to the hikers about a mother bear and cubs on the trail as well as a moose bluff charging hikers.   As we had Zack and Molly we decided to stay close to the Lodge.  

In the old growth forest Molly's white coat stood out like a beacon.  We didn't want her to become bear bait.  Crikey

We managed a short hike to the lake which was absolutely gorgeous.   

It was a short trip but  it was nice to get away with the dogs for a change.   I would definitely go back to Island Lake Lodge may be a different time of year when the Bears aren't getting ready for hibernation by eating everything in sight, which might include a little white fluffy thing LOL.    

On the way home we stopped in the Crowsnest Pass and checked out the river there.  Found another little trail which we will have to go back to.  The valley there is lovely. 

It was good to get home but since then we have been fishing!!!  Another post to come :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Trip to The Mountains Part 2

Next stop on our quick getaway was a stop in the Town of Fernie.  It is actually a ski resort town but out of season it is a beautiful place to visit to hike, bike, fish and all the other summer outdoorsy stuff you can do.  We were going to take the dogs for a hike from the Townsite along the Elk River, but this is what we saw at the start of the trail head.  

This was enough to change our plans as there was also fresh bear poop full of berries right there as well.  We decided to take a walk through the town and check out the shops instead.  

There was a cool Cheese shop that Pete just had to check out.

Zack,Molly and I waited outside 

here comes Pete and the dogs and the brown bag of cheese LOL

Zack couldn't go by the Pet Store in town without stopping in.  

Molly was beside herself smelling all the goodies 

There was a nice lady in the store giving out healthy dog cookies, of course Zack and Molly were right in there.  Don't faint but I actually came out of there without buying a dog collar.  Blimy!!!

I love Fernie as a town, it is so dog friendly and you can't complain about the views.   Next stop is Island Lake lodge about 14 km up a mountain where we stayed overnight.   Most beautiful place ever!    Til next time

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trip to the Mountains Part 1

It has been forever since I have posted anything but lately I have had too many photos and too much to say to just post on facebook.   Zack and Molly have been just fine.  We have just took a quick trip to the mountains in Fernie, BC.  It was such a great couple of days.   

We took a road less travelled and ended up at Chinook Lake.  it's in the middle of nowhere although it looks like it was a campground.  This time of the season it was deserted.   Just Pete, the dogs and I.   We decided to do a hike round the lake.   I seriously was sick to my stomach as I have never hiked in the back country before with such isolation.  We did have bear spray and it was a loop trail so we couldn't get lost.  

Zack was in heaven. All his senses were in overdrive.   

He was looking for fish with Pete. 

The lake was crystal clear and even I could see the fish swimming about and that is saying something as I am blind as a bat when it comes to fish

It was a truly beautiful serene spot except for me making silly noises and chunnering away do that any bear in the area would hear us coming.   The scenery was spectacular. 

taking a break around the far side of the lake

Once back round the other side the Fall colours really showed.  

First hike by ourselves was so fun once I got over the initial anxiety about bear encounters.  Didn't see any thank goodness.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Holidays - Part III

We took our boat down to Montana with us as we planned on doing a bit of fishing.   We ended up on Whitefish Lake for the afternoon and fished til dark.    It was quite hot, so I was glad to have an umbrella on the boat and cooling blankets for the dogs.

The scenery was spectacular and I could have just sat and looked at the view all day - hey, I did LOL

Once we anchored the boat I took the dog's life vests off as they were so hot and just kept a tether on them.  They were so much more comfortable.

Molly is such a cutie…..she doesn't mind the boat at all

Zack keeps an eye out for, well, everything….

especially those fish, but when we catch one, he wants nothing to do with it.   Pete caught a little cutthroat trout, I hadn't seen one of them before so that was cool

Zack loves to sniff the air and all the mountain and fishy smells - he was in heaven

Eyes peeled again, the closer to the shore the more intense the search gets

Zack spied a little duck so I kept a tight hold - Just in case LOL

It's not a great photo but this was the little duck that kept everyone's attention for a bit

We were on the lake til dusk and Capt. Zack guided Pete back to the dock like a pro :) 

I looked at the wonder scenery as we got back

It was a great day - I could live down there that's for sure