Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nature Walk

Pete and I took Zacky for a great walk yesterday along the river bottom.   The warmer weather had melted most of the snow but there were still patches around and the river was unsafe cuz of the ice shelves along the shore with lots of geese on them to entice a little terrier to chase  - so Zacky stayed on his leash when we were near the water.

He hates water but he loves goosems and just his presence made them fly away - he is king of the riverbank!

We hit lots of wet spots :)  that was before we went "off roading"

We lucked out at seeing a freshly fallen tree that had been chewed down by a beaver.  It's amazing up close to see every chew mark.  

We followed the trail from that tree where the beaver must drag his stash of logs.  You could even see the crack in the ice on the frozen pond where the log was drug into the water and then under to his lodge.

Here is the top of the beaver lodge.    We couldn't get a closer look cuz of the dangerous ice but it was pretty cool how they make their homes.   Zack was super keen to check it out but we didn't let him near it but it was pretty neat to see.

Zack didn't care that alot of the trails were quite boggy and wet where the snow and ice had melted but it was hard for us to maneouvre through.  The bushes on the sides were full of thorns so couldn't even walk through them or grab a hold.

When there wasn't this mud there was packed ice - just lovely :) - Zack is definitely more surefooted than we were and was wondering what was holding us up.

Luckily the second half of our walk was alot dryer through the trees and pathways - which was a nice break from trying to stay upright or walk with monster mud feet.

Zack's nose was glued to the ground most the time and it was hard to actually see him with his coat being the same colour as his surroundings.   Can you make him out in this picture - that's what I mean.   I keep on saying I will have to get him a flourescent vest to wear so we can keep an eye on him in the outdoors.   Not sure he would appreciate it too much tho.

All that sniffing in the bushes didn't distract Zack from cadging for a cookie every once in a while - he would never miss a free hand out.

The river was pretty awesome to look at but about the last mile of our hike back  a bad wind storm blew up and it became really cold.    Walking back through the cottonwood trees was a little freaky as most of the trees down the riverbottom  are dead, swaying and creaking badly.   Pete just said the it's not the creaking you need to worry about it when you hear a loud crack you need to run!!!!   That made me feel a whole lot better LOL!!!!.....On the plus side the dead trees make a great place for woodpeckers.   I think this one must have been their practice tree :)

It was such an awesome walk and good to see Zacky feeling good and having so much fun going somewhere different for a change.

I just love this last picture of him  his face is just so darn cute - although I think he is due for a hand stripping soon - starting to look a bit like a schnauzer with that beard and wooly knees :)

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lifewithmydogs said...

That looks like an awesome place to go walking! I love Zack's fluffy feet and his little beard, he's so cute! :)