Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This winter I bought Zack a new red winter coat and it was not cheap. He has been wearing it in my latest blogs and I love it. It is a perfect coat in every way except one and that is it interferes with his "winkle" and his "peeing". I thought it was just right when I first put it on him, it is in front of his wotsit and I thought all was good. However, the last few times I have taken Zack out it must be close enough it interferes as when Zack pees he just wees "up" all over his coat and belly and not away from him. I have tried everything to pull the coat away from that area but to no avail. They do not seem to make coats for small male dogs that are shorter in the back - not every dog is a dachshund and it makes me mad. I do not want to throw away the coat as it is brilliant so I think the only option is to cut a chunk out from the belly and have it stitched up. I am so not domestic so I will have to take it to a tailor to have the piece cut out and sewn up so poor Zacky is not compressed in any way. Blimy what a rigmarole for a little wotsit.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Won't Stop Snowing

I woke up this morning to god knows how many more inches of fresh snow and it's still snowing. The only blessing is that it is the warm fluffy snow (if there is such a thing) and actually it is lovely outside and not too cold. Zack and I went for about an hour walk this morning and didn't see a soul but the "die hards" like me and Zack were out there enjoying every minute of it. When we got back Zack was still playing in the back garden - he stole my glove - then found his white ball and was having a blast.

I caught Fat Cat watching us at the back door - it is waaaaayy too beneath her to step foot outside with snow on the ground!!!

Zacky is snuggled up on the couch now twitching and sleeping off his morning antics. I wonder if he is dreaming about those snow bunnies. LOL.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yay for +1 Degrees

After being cooped up in the house for so long because of the cold Zack had a bit of devil in him when we were finally able to go out again. The ears say it all. It has been a heatwave at +1 and we are making the most of it.

I don't even think he needs his winter gear on any more. No coat or boots tomorrow. Yay.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lazy Day

I was off work yesterday and home with Zack. While I was painting I don't think Zack moved off our bed at all. He was so cozy, bless him.

I wonder if this is his usual spot when we are at work? Probably.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indoor Dog Park

On Sundays Zack's Doggy Daycare has started an indoor dog park. Thank heavens for them as with the weather being in the mid - 20's it has been far too cold to exercise Zack outside. We took Zack this past Sunday to blow off some steam and he had a blast as usual running round with all the dogs.

The Bostons were chasing him everywhere. Their faces crack me up in this picture.

Zack kept kissing Lindsay the Basset

Then as some of the dogs had left Zack found himself with no one to play with and took time out in the one chair in the dog run. He was so funny.

Hopefully this really cold weather will warm up so we can get back to our usual walks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Luckily the saying is not true as Fat Cat is still with us but on this day she was sure curious about the camera.

I was trying to take pictures of Zack but she started to come over and bug me and then started in on the camera actually grabbing it with her paw.

Maybe Fat Cat is jealous about Zack's blog. Maybe she just wants a blog of her own, however, I am not sure how exciting a Fat Cat blog would be as she never moves off the couch or bed only to eat, poop and occasionally chase a fly - then that is a waddle at best LOL.

So today's blog is dedicated to my beloved Fat Cat (aka Asia) who is the laziest, most needy cat I have ever owned and is Zack's best four legged friend.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bloody Cold

As it was -16 degrees today it was time to bring out the "winter gear" for Zack's walk. He even wore his boots to keep his feet from freezing.

This picture made me laugh as he does look like a horse with hooves as he trotted ahead.

On his way he painted his own version of abstract art in the snow...

checked out what could be rabbit holes in the grass - oh boy!!

No wabbits just icy whiskers!!!

After about 25 minutes it was time to get back as we can't stay out too long when it is this cold so Zack got back to the car before me and was definitely ready to go I reckon. Where's the keys, Where's the keys!!

It was a great afternoon walk albeit bloody cold LOL!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter's Here

Yesterday we got our first blast of wicked winter weather. I don't think Zack knew what to think.

It sure didn't take him long to get iced up, I think he looks like a little old man LOL!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Deep Sleep

Zack often stretches for the sky in his sleep and his front legs go rigid. He just continues sleeping in that position oblivious to us laughing at him

and then going awwwwww.....

He is the cutest thing ever!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Parrot

This is one of Zack's favourite positions on the couch - he sits on Pete's shoulder like a parrot.

It is sooooooo against all the rules of Caesar Millan but he falls asleep there and he is sooooo cute. I am such a bad "pack leader".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caesar - II

To follow up with my previous blog the Caesar Millan show in Calgary was great. He actually was hilarious at times and it was quite entertaining. He told us his story about how he jumped the fence from Mexico and came to the states by running for his life away from dogs, police dogs that is. He talked alot about the "pack mentality" and also about how we humans try to humanize our dogs and treat them like humans or kids. I found myself saying, ooops I do that, oops I do that, alot throughout the evening LOL!

There was some helpful information tho about being calm yet assertive when training and praising at the right time. He had some live guests on stage with their problem dogs and it was amazing to see what he can do. The owners were frustrated and hett up. Then he had a guest trainer from the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind and that guest demonstrated some training in the calm yet assertive manner. It really brought to light the difference and outcome between the hett up owner yelling and the calm quiet Guide dog trainer. Of course the guide trainer is the way to go.

I also found myself agreeing with Caesar with respect to exercise and how much that is needed to have a happy dog and happy owner. He was right in saying that there is no such thing as a wrong breed but that the owners need to pick a dog that would suit their energy level. So a sedate person should NOT pick a border collie. That is so true and I am with him all the way with that. That is why so many high energy dogs end up in rescue with behavioural problems because people DO NOT THINK.

It was a great show and sold out at the Saddledome which I thought was amazing. I didn't realize that Caesar had such a following but it was packed, so I guess he does.

I know there are some things I do with my dog that may never change but that is my decision. I do tend to "baby" Zack a little and I cuddle him probably more than I should but I love that and that's "me" and I don't think I can change my way in that respect.

In conclusion, I have learned some things which I will try and put into my training with Zack and have learned a little more about how dogs view us as people (or their pack) - which I found interesting. What a dog thinks and what their behaviours mean fascinates me and I would love to study more about that in the future.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Tomorrow I am off to Calgary with a couple of friends to see Caesar Milan. In the very least it will be a good day out and hopefully it will be very informative. Not sure what to expect, whether it is just a speech or whether he will have "doggy guests" for examples but I am sure I will learn something and I am quite looking forward to it.

I have watched a few of his shows over the years (and so has Zack LOL!) and agree and disagree with him depending on the circumstances. On the whole tho I think he has helped alot of dogs and made the owners realize that they are to blame (most of the time) and it is they who have to make the changes in order to improve the dog's behaviour.

I like the fact that Caesar has an interest in bully breeds and has tried to help many new owners who have adopted these lovely dogs from the rescues.

Zack doesn't have any major issues or anything but he is not perfect and nor am I so any information is always welcomed. I am looking forward to the show.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paintings for Sale

I have decided to sell some of my original paintings. Blimy my most recent painting below is not even dog related!!! It is a 16 x 20 landscape of a birdhouse on stretch canvas.

Next is a 16 x 20 painting of a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Canvas Board

Next is a 9 x 12 pastel painting (kind of like chalk) of a Saluki and kitten.

Next is an 8 x 10 study of Basset Hound on canvas board

Next is a head study of a Sheltie on wooden plaque

Finally is an 11 x 14 painting of showjumper on canvas board.

Shipping is available. If anyone in the blogging world is interested in purchasing any of the above paintings, please post a comment and we can exchange details or email me at

I am also accepting new commissions for pet portraits of dogs, cats or horses.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I guess all I had to do was blog about when I might be getting Zack's Rally Novice Certificate and now it's finally here!!!!

Here is the rest of Zack's bling he won that weekend back in July. I was so proud of him.

Can you tell it is the first thing I have ever accomplished with a dog? LOL.

After the rally trial I said I wasn't going to pursue Zack's rally any further as I was so happy with what he had accomplished in one weekend. However, since taking the rest of the summer off from training I have a little bit of a tweek happening about starting up again and trying for the next level of rally obedience. Crikey decisions decisions.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where is it?

In July of this year Zack obtained his first title for CKC Rally Novice A Obedience. It is now November 1st and I still have not received my Certificate for him. Is this normal? Being my first trial and first certificate does anybody know in the blogging world how long it can take to receive a Certificate for Rally from CKC? I feel like such a dork not knowing, but I guess there is a first time for everything and any information would be appreciated.