Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dog of Month

Zack's Doggy Daycare, Paws-on-the-Run, has a draw once a month and recently Zacky won!!! Thanks guys. I got a lovely doggy T-Shirt and Zack got some new toys. It didn't take long for Zack to attack the furry one....
Plucking the fur out like a chicken.
Then gives me the who me look LOL
The white fluff ball is still alive and well and Zack gets "special time" with it to play but we can't leave it down I'm afraid. One of the other toys was this purple toy you stuff with treats. This toy keeps Zack occupied for ages and it's funny to see him chucking it around trying to knock the cookies out.
I laughed at this last picture as it looks like Zack is thinking - geez are these ****ing cookies ever gonna come out!!!! LOL
Oh but they do and Zacky enjoyed each and every one. Thanks to everyone at Paws-on-the-Run!!!! Zack (and me) think you are pawsome.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Yesterday we held a BBQ at our house for Pete's fly fishing club. Of course it was pouring rain and cold so we ended up with about 15 people in our house including 5 kids instead of outside in our garden and warmth.
It was quite the tight squeeze and I think there were so many people Zacky didn't know who to jump on or give kisses to. He kept an eye on everyone and wiggled his way around their ankles until he got some attention.He found the kids were great all squirmy just like him.
Luckily all our guests were told not to feed Zack cuz of his belly issues so he didn't get any burgers or goodies but it wasn't for lack of trying!!! Zack had his kong toy stuffed with his own treats to keep him occupied and after chomping and trying for ages to get all of them out he eventually went over to our friends bare foot and chucked the kong on it, she let out a screech as it hurt and Zack looked up at her with his wet whiskers and then let out this rip roaring belch - it was so friggin hilarious. He is the bomb at parties LOL!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catchin' some zzzzzz's

Zacky's dreaming of his afternoon at doggy daycare....awwwww bless :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Latest Portrait

Here is my latest portrait of a purebred Bichon Frise that I just finished painting for a client. I am afraid the poor little thing has just passed away :( and it was a gift for her owner. I hope it will be a keepsake for him that he can cherish.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Trip Away

This past week Pete, Zack and I packed up the car and made the long 10 hour drive through the mountains to Kelowna, BC to visit Pete's family for a couple of days. It is truly a beautiful drive through the mountain passes, although there was quite a bit of snow at the top still.
We saw two moose, elk and a black bear on the way there. Sorry no pictures as we couldn't stop very easily on the highway but it was truly amazing, especially the moose as you don't see them every day. Pete's brother and his family have two dogs, a mixed breed named Jorja who Zacky has met before when he was younger and a new pug, named Sally. I think she has just turned one and this was the first time we got to meet her. Well, here she is.
She is the cutest, pudgiest, roly poly little thing and wiggles just like Zacky. Zack was smitten for sure and they played pretty much non-stop all weekend. Jorja played too but was just as happy to be grandma and watch the litt'luns carry on.
Here is Jorja. She is such a sweet dog too and so well behaved especially off leash and never runs away. She could sure teach Zacky and Sally a few things.
Zack kept stealing Sally's toys and there were occasional tug of wars between them which was hilarious to watch - they were pretty much evenly matched size wise and it was funny listening to Sally's snort, snuffles and I don't know what noises that she made LOL
He also popped our niece's little boy's ball - I warned them that Zack was a serial killer and sure enough another murder took place that night.
Zacky finally pooped out and had a cuddle with his dad.
Time flew by and it was soon time for the long drive home. Zacky got harnessed back into his booster seat and we were off.
Zack travels so well and never makes a peep so it makes the road trip a lot easier. It was a bit rainy when we left which made for some low clouds and wonderful reflections in the lakes as we passed by.
We did see mountain sheep on the way home and I managed to get a quick picture. Zacky woke up to have a nosey as we slowed down to get by - he was quite intrigued but didn't bark.
We got home safely albeit tired although Zack found a second wind and charged round the back garden shaking his wubba kong with all his might. I think he was glad to be home and blaming his wubba kong for being cooped up for 10 hours in the BT TAXI. Sorry for such a long post but thought I would make up for the "lack thereof" this past week or so.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers, I apologize with not keeping up with my blog and all of your wonderful awards that have been given to Wiggly Zack. It has been a bit hectic here and we have been away, but I will be checking back to previous blogs and emails we received and getting up-to-date with everything and of course posting about our little getaway with Zack and family.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Stick

I guess big is always better!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Enjoying the Warmth

It looks like when it is not snowing it is +30 degrees - talk about extremes and now we have to start planning our walks when it is cooler, either later in the evening or early morning.
Zack definitely loses some "pep" when it is really hot, he prefers to run about on the nice chilly mornings - then he's a spitfire.
This photo made me laugh it looks like he is blowing raspberries LOL
Then Zacky stopped to catch some breeze - I was right there with him - it felt sooooooo good.
One of the houses that backed onto the trail had the most amazing bird house/feeder - can you see the spiral staircase? Amazing. If I was a bird I would think I have won the lottery!!
Not sure if I had one of those at home in my garden the birds would think it was so great as there would be a four legged wiry whiskered thing with large teeth circling round and round at the bottom!!!!.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


After a quick cleaning of dad's feet

it was time for a whole lot of snuggling with dad after a fun afternoon at daycare

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking and Phobias

As it is snowing here again today,   it's hard to believe that this past Monday was so beautiful and warm and I went walking with Zack in my shorts and T shirt. I took Zack across the fields and then started along the dirt trails that meander along the top of the coulees (hills) about 3 km from home. Zack was having a blast off the lead and I think we were both enjoying the warm weather.

 It then occurred to me that as it was so warm the rattle snakes could be out and I was in their prime habitat. They don't bother you unless you happen upon them and they are startled but I was more concerned about Zack. You couldn't see in the long grass around us so I made Zack stick to the dirt trail as we carried on. He was a good boy and just trotted along in front of me.

Then I heard a loud buzzing and there was a bumble bee I swear the size of a golf ball circling round me like a vulture. I know everyone says stay calm and they will leave you alone but when this monster got within inches of my head I lost it. I took off through the long grass doing my crazy bee dance, arms flailing letting out the occasional squeaky noises as this giant buzzy thing followed me everywhere I went. Zack thought this was a great game of chase and started barking with excitement around me - this then made me realize that I was way off the dirt trail in the long grass where there could be rattle snakes!!! Yikes, talk about phobias.

 I quickly made my way back to the trail and kept on running with Zack and the bee in hot pursuit. About 100 yards away I saw the end of the trail which opened onto an open field with clearer views and which was back away from the top of the coulees where the snakes are more prone to be. I stopped running and caught my breath and gave Zack a quick cuddle and then we started on our way home. It was a calmer walk after that but that damn bee came back to visit me two more times before we got home.

I am afraid to say that these incidents have happened to me before but luckily this time there was no one around to see my little mental outbursts other than Zack - and he already knows that I am completely doolally.  LOL!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fishing with Zack (Part 2)

Police Lake is my favourite spot to fish and it's great when Zack can come along too.
Every year at Police Lake a pair of bald eagles nest in the same tree and this year was no exception. I think one of them was hunkered down on eggs as she didn't move all day. You could see her head pop up every once in a while.
The other bird would fly off and bring back nesting material. It was pretty cool.
They truly are spectacular when you see them in flight.
We eventually made it back to shore and when the guys were getting the boat pulled in and cleaned up Zack and I enjoyed the warmth and hung out on the jetty. It is so crazy how much warmer it is when you are off the water.
We then walked around the campground - Zack was so glad we were back on land and was in hunt mode with all the new smells.
Trouble is we could be the ones being hunted as the bears are now out of hibernation now and it is a known spot for them to be.
So Zack and I didn't venture too far even though the trails looked so inviting.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fishing with Zack (Part 1)

Pete, Zack and I went fishing on Sunday with Pete's friend and had a great day, albeit a bit cold.
It was so picturesque and there was still a lot of snow in the mountains but luckily around Police Lake it was clear even though we had had snow on Saturday.
The sun was shining off and on but it was still very cool on the water and we were all bundled up in winter woolies. I came prepared and Zack wore his warmest winter coat we had under his life vest to keep him warm.
He loved sitting on the big deck of the boat
and next to Pete who was standing on the back deck
I caught Zack sniffing the air quite a bit - it was very comical - I think he was loving all the fresh air or catching the few rays of sun that would pop out from behind the clouds.
It did get cold on and off and Zack snuggled in his blanket at times to keep warm and have a nap. He was so cute.
The fishing was a bit slow but being out in nature makes up for it all. The bald eagles we saw last year were back and nesting in the tree. I will blog more tomorrow about the eagles and getting back to shore tomorrow.