Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

If I had to sum up Yellowstone National Park in one word that would be "active". The people are active the animals are active and blimy the ground all around you is active.
There are many areas where the ground is boiling, steaming, hissing and there are pools of water of many colours. It is eerily cool.

The rock formations are amazing and of course we saw Old Faithful Geyser go off.

The park scenery is so diverse from one part to another. You can go from lush mountain meadows

to what looks like a moonscape.

There were many waterfalls

all around the scenery was gorgeous

While I went trail riding

my husband Pete went fishing. We both had a blast.

We lucked out and saw lots of wildlife

a grizzly bear, buffalo, big horn sheep, elk, deer, chipmucks just to name a few. The only thing we didn't see was a moose!!

It was a great few days and we only covered about 1/2 of the park as it is so vast. We will definitely have to return, maybe in the winter when the wildlife watching is supposed to be brilliant.

On the downside, it is not a very dog friendly park and I would probably not take Zack if we went back. Most of the areas of interest dogs are not allowed. All the paths are boardwalks above the ground as the ground itself is dangerous to walk on for people let alone dogs as it is unstable and boiling holes everywhere, but it is still a great place to visit and I would recommend the experience to everyone.

Zack also had a blast from staying with Dylan these last few days. When we brought him home last night he slept has if he had been at daycare, so he must have been having a great vacation too.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Pete and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Yellowstone National Park for 5 days in the US. Unfortunately Zack is not coming with us as we wanted to do some exploring, fishing and horse riding so he gets to stay one final time with Dylan, Martin & Karen. They are moving on August 19th :( so I am sure Zack will make the most of it!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Riparian Entertainment

Zack is always entertaining when we are down by the river.

A sit stay is darn near impossible

he finds stalking the geese much more fun

or leaving peemail on somebody's backpack - crikey

then along the shore it's time to hunt them wabbits

Luckily all he found to play with this time was a stick!!

Even tho Zack gets up to no good at times, it is part of who he is, and I love that about him. Little bugger. LOL

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Computer?

We have been humming and harring about getting a new computer. Maybe join the wireless generation - an Apple IMac was one of the options. I am not that computer savvy so a computer change is a big deal to me and I can't make up my mind what to get. It's hard to believe I work on a computer all day at my work LOL!!

Zack has his own place when either me or my husband are on the computer and he is always there next to us (we call it Zack's Box). He loves his rubbermaid with a pillow on top.

He is laying on his box next to me right now as I am typing this blog....he is so cute.... but cor blimy he has just farted and has caused a terrible stink - Peeeewwwww. Silent and deadly is right.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Coat of Many Colours

A terrier coat is something I have never dealt with before Zack and have come to learn that it is "different" to say the least. Luckily Zack's coat doesn't grow very fast as I have not plucked him since March but it certainly changes colours as it thickens up and starts to grow back in.

He has recently developed a red line down his back which is pretty cool

I wonder if the rest of him will turn red or whether the grey will cross over his back? Who knows.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Neighbour Dogs

Next door has three little dogs, 2 chihuahua mixes (Molly & Tequila) and 1 pure teeny weeny 2 pound chihuahua (Jingles). On Saturday my neighbour Tom asked if I would let the dogs out to pee a couple of times during the day while they went out of town. He warned me they were in the middle of redoing their floors and all the floors were up. I said no problem.

On my first visit to let the dogs out he wasn't kidding, the floors were ripped right out and there was just rough wood and junk everywhere. Molly & Tequila barked their heads off as I came in wagging their little tails. Then it occurred to me, where's Jingles. I called her, nothing. I looked all over and couldn't see her. I started to move some of the junk in case she was hiding under there or under the furniture. I still couldn't find her and was starting to get concerned. Then I saw that all the floor vent covers for the furnace were off!!!! I panicked, oh no she's fell down the vent!!! There I was on my hands and knees face to the floor calling little Jingles down each of the vent holes. Still not a peep. I was worried she was hurt as normally she thinks she's a rottweiler. After about 5 minutes I stood up and was going to get help when I saw Molly and Tequila were stressed from my darting about and panicking. I picked up and cuddled Molly when there on the counter was a note "we have taken Jingles with us"!!!

Blimy, Crikey and Bloody Hell. LOL.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Finally Meet

Last weekend my husband had another 1/2 marathon run at the river bottom in town here and lo and behold who did we meet for the very first time......but another border terrier!!!! It was a such a fluke meeting. Never met another border terrier in town ever since getting Zack and now here he is.

Meet Griffin, the cutest 10 month old BT puppy. We figured out he is the one we had seen running with his mum a few weeks ago along the road here in Lethbridge and his dad was running in the same 1/2 marathon as my Pete.
The dogs hit it off of course and it was hard to control two wiggly BTs. It's true it must be a border trait as Griffin was as wiggly and wild as Zack was at 10 months.

I broke the news to his mum that it doesn't change as they get older LOL!!!

It was so great to see another sweet Border Terrier and I am sure Zack knew he had met his own kind. Griffin had a woolier coat than Zack but they were so alike in their mannerisms. Hopefully we will meet again.

As always, I remembered the dogs name but can't remember the humans.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Award from Marley

Thank you Marley, Zack is honoured to receive this award. We are a hard act to follow as your blog is the best ever!!! Anyways, the seven things you may not know about Zack is:

Zack doesn't like large bodies of water, only getting his tippy toes and at most his woolly knees wet

But he loves running through the sprinklers and playing with hoses in the back garden.

Poor Zack hates to wear his winter gear and sulks until we get out and about, wished he knew it is a must when it is 20 degrees below zero.

Zack is not doing very well in agility classes, his mind wanders and he lacks focus, he even fell off a piece of equipment last week. Yikes. But he is a tough little bugger and was just fine and carried on.

Zack has now started to snore when he's asleep, it's quite funny

Phew, he also toots pretty good and leaves smellies regularly - must be a White for sure!!! Who me?

Zack is not keen on greek yogurt but he loves the carton!!

Now I have to pass it onto to seven of my blogging friends, and they are:

Have fun everyone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What We Do for Our Dogs...

This year has been really bad for walking Zack in the fields. Firstly the monstrous sized mosquitoes would attack me even through my clothes and engorge themselves leaving me looking like I had white polka dots all over and itching like a bloody mad woman. I have probably lost a couple of pints of blood to those little blood suckers!!!! Now there is something this year lurking in the grass that is setting off my allergies worse than ever. On top of the polka dots and itching from the mosquitoes, when I am out for a walk with Zack my eyes now twitch and are oh so itchy, my nose streams and I sneeze constantly, and on top of that I feel my tubes tightening and I am gasping for air !!!! I am sure whoever meets me thinks I have some terrible disease all those white spots, twitching red eyes, etc. LOL
But how can I resist taking Zack out when you see his face, it's his favourite thing. So now I just bathe in the bug repellant, dope up on drugs and douse my eyes in drops when I get home. Blimy what we do for our dogs eh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Chase

I have to be really careful where I let Zack off the lead because he is a terrier and he has a thing for bunnies....whenever we are out in the fields he is well aware of where we are and keeps his eyes peeled for the little fluffy things.

The other night was no exception. He was checking out all the bushes

Then without warning a bunny ran and so did Zack. When Zack is chasing he screams bloody murder - it sounds like someone is killing him not the other way round LOL!!

Luckily this time the bunny ran under the fence and got away.

He hasn't caught one yet and hopefully never will!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally, the Perfect Place

Finally I have found a place I can go for a long walk and let Zack off the lead which is safe, and it is somewhat mowed!!!!! Whoo hoo.

There is still some long grass in the sides of the trail and Zack does still go "off roading" on occasion and I have to keep my eyes peeled as to where he is - but his tail is always the give away LOL

and he soon pops out again

The trail is on top of the coulees (hills) overlooking the river and high level bridge and it is truly beautiful this time of year.

Zack and I were taking it all in.