Thursday, June 28, 2012


Zack is always taking advantage that Fat Cat is shaped like a pillow, she was just laying on the mat when Zack just had to go and lay on top of her.    This time she was not amused!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Playmates

My friend Sharon has been babysitting a pair of Miniature Pinchers  for a while who are quite reactive to other dogs on the leash.   She was wanting to find out if they really were aggressive and asked if I would see what they were like with Zack as she hasn't let them get that close to a dog she doesn't know.   Anyways Zack met the two min pins and it's true they were all bark and no bite.   Really sweet little dogs actually so we let them have some play time in the back garden.

This is Dingo.  He is the playful one who has these really light eyes which look a little crazy at times !!! LOL

 This is Boone.  He is the calmer one and loves to snuggle - I even got kisses......sweet

They all got along so well and it was funny to see three dogs just about the same size, although I think Zack had a few pounds on them...They were checking out the tiny apples that had blown off the tree from the storm the night before.

Zack and Dingo ran round the garden like crazy and all my photos were either a leg, a head or all blur.  This one is even blurry but it gives you an idea of how much fun Zacky had.

My friend Sharon has now decided that she is going to get a Min Pin of her own  hopefully one day in the near future.    It will be a big change as her previous dog was Mel, a Scottish Deerhound who was magnificent, funny, clown like and a big suck.   Everyone loved him.     After not having a dog for a few years it will be good for my friend to have another dog around even if it comes in a smaller package.

The three Amigos, Zack, Dingo and Boone :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where's Zacky?

It's hard to see Zack in the all the long grass these days....

but he always pops back out on the path 

to catch up for a cookie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wet & Green

Being die hard walkers the weather doesn't stop Zack and I from venturing out unless we are under a tornado warning LOL!!!   Last night I took Zack across the fields for a run thinking I could make it there and back before the storm clouds hit.

All the rain has made for glorious green fields and lovely yellow weeds ahahaha.   One thing about the weather most people over here don't walk their dogs when it is cold and wet so we had the pathways to ourselves and as it was so cold there are no rattle snakes out so Zack was having a blast.

Running round and round.    He disappears in the long grass sometimes and then you see him bounding up and down until he reaches the path again.

Of course gophering is a common occurrence so he can get his bearings and keep an eye on things.....

He found this one stone that he thought was the best thing ever but was too scared to touch it cuz of the mud - it was hilarious to watch him... he barked and barked at it -ooooh the big scary rock

The plastic bag was another story and he shredded that up like a mad thing

Then the clouds opened up and we got drenched and I think Zacky's face says it all so we started our way back....

But not without stopping for a cookie for one wet dawg.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blond Bumshell

This last little while I have noticed Zacky's bum is turning blonder and blonder. I haven't stripped his bum EVER because I just love his little bum whorls and don't want them to disappear.

Don't you think it looks like he has a fantastic mustache and little goatee beard?    It makes me chuckle LOL.

His butt is so cute except when there is a "cling on"!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sleeping it off

After 5 hours of playing with his doggie friends at doggy daycare on Friday afternoons Zack can barely keep his eyes open - It doesn't take long before he is going.....



Out of the count..

awwww - curled up with is papa

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the Garden

In between the rain and the thunderstorms that we have had lately there have been  moments in the garden when the weather has been perfect.

I just got some of my annual flowers added  in my flower beds.  Now Zack's favourite pastime  has been to run through the flower beds, sit on the flowers, pee on the flowers and oh yeah pooping too (yup natural fertilizer Zack tells me LOL).   He has been having lots of fun.

Today he decided he likes rolling in the dirt too wiggling around like a banshee, legs flailing and flowers flying!!!!

Doh, you have to let me have some fun mum!!!

I must admit Zacky is pretty good for a terrier in the garden he doesn't dig which is a godsend and he loves to eat all my dandelions!!!  Yay Zacky.

I put up a bird feeder for first time and have had lots of birds including this house finch and American goldfinch which have been regulars.   Zack has never bothered with the birds too much he doesn't chase them or anything - weird but true.

The other morning tho I let Zack in the back garden  for his usual morning rituals and after I did so I saw there was a suicidal rabbit sitting in the middle of our back lawn!!!.  Yep, bold as brass he was just sitting there.    I don't know whether Zack was spaced out on dandelions or just still had sleep in his eyes but he didn't see the bunny and as soon as it saw Zack it scarpered under the fence --- smart choice as Zack may not be interested in birds but oh hell rabbits are another story.    He missed out on some tasty breakfast that morning I tell ya!!!  It all happened so quickly I didn't get a picture.

Zack goes to doggy daycare tomorrow so I will have to get another "after effects" photo for you all to see as I haven't done that in a while.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let Me In!!!!

I promise I'll behave really I will

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunkered Down and the Royal Jubiliee

Being a Brit who lives in Canada I still love all the pageantry involved in the Jubiliee and the Queen. I have watched as much of it as I can and enjoyed every minute of it - love all the horses. Last night was the concert on TV and it was brilliant, Elton John, Paul McCartney to name but a few but at the same time it was frightening as we had a severe thunderstorm warning and tornadoes around our area. Emergency alerts were interrupting the concert on TV telling people to take cover and warning of tornadoes that could develop. This is a rare occurrence in our area. It was so dark out you couldn't see so I put fat cat in the kennel and Zack, my 86 year old dad and I all hunkered down in the basement just to be safe. Pete is in Vancouver on business so was missing it all. A tornado touched down south of Lethbridge, here is the photo.... scary stuff. There was some damage but I don't think anyone was hurt. Luckily Lethbridge was spared and hope now we don't get flooding from the high rivers from all the rain. Don't think Zack will be walking anywhere near the river area for a while. It was a great night and uneasy night all at the same time. Zacky pretty much slept through the whole thing - oblivious. Probably for the best I reckon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Guide Dog Walk (final instalment)

While we were hanging about gabbing Zack couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with Paisley his little devil ears making another appearance (tee hee) he also found this cute little white fluff ball to play with too and she didn't want Zacky to leave but it was time to start walking home. Before we left I took pictures of Zack's poodle buddies first Paisley Monty Zacky may not be a poodle but he is one cute terrier who was so pooped when we got home he started to drop off half sitting up LOL!!! I think he had a fun day :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walk for Guide Dogs (Part 2)

Walkin, walkin, walkin
After the charity walk round the park was over Zacky was one thirsty pup
and it was time for a doggy meet and greet
There were lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes it was great. There were two bernese mountain dogs with carts that went round the lake pulling little children in the cart. It was really neat.
We met up with my good friend Liz who is a vet tech at Zack's vet clinic and her cute little ShihTzu, Zoey, who she took in. Zoey was quite shy when Liz first got her but is coming out of her shell and a real sweety. Zack & Zoey have walked quite a bit together and Liz and Zoey are going to look after Zacky later this year when we go away on holidays..hope they know what they are in for :) --- Zack's good really he is.....
Look at Zoey's cute little face.
Zack just had to show off his upside down wiggly moves in the grass in front of all the girls
and then it was play time....Part 3 to follow

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Walk for Guide Dogs (Part 1)

This morning was our annual charity walk for Guide Dogs. It is always a fun event with lots of dogs and people showing up to raise money for this great cause. Zack and I waited for our friends to arrive so we could walk to the event to calm the dogs down before we got there (LOL). Zack was patiently waiting on our front door step for his buddies Monty and Paisley.
Monty arrived and he is a big sucker but he is really gorgeous and belongs to my friend Carla who is Zacky's vet.
Paisley is a little more petite and lady like and who Zack walks with all the time and who you may have seen me post about before. She is a lovely parti-poodle. They waited together while I went to get registered for the walk.
It is great to see the guide dogs and service dogs "doing there thing" with all the chaos going on around them.
it truly amazes me
Zack gets so excited with so many dogs he is beside himself wanting to greet everybody
but he just "had" to get back to Paisley and Monty before the walk started
and then we were off.......Part 2 to follow