Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Boy's Day

Zack hung out in the garage with Pete yesterday cleaning up and getting the boat ready - fishing season starts on Monday ya know!!!!

Being an assistant is tiring work tho...... he had to catch up on his zzzzzz

Ready for the Easter Bunny today!!!!   Happy Easter Everybody.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I hope I Did it

I have had my video camera since Christmas and have previously uploaded videos before but for the life of me I couldn't do it and couldn't figure out why - I am so technically challenged.   I hope I have figured this out and this one works.  This video is from about a month ago when Deuce, Zack's whippet mix buddy was staying with us for a week.

He is such a good dog to look after.  I noticed this time tho that after a few rounds of play in the garden poor Deucy starts to limp a bit.   We forget he is going on 11 and now restrict the play sessions a bit so he doesn't get sore.   He still loves his walks though.  

It seriously makes us consider another dog as Zack is so happy when Deuce is around :)   May some day in the not so distance future........

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shit Happens

I just took Zack for his evening walk and after he pooped I bent down to pick up his poop with the poop bag as usual only to find out after the fact that there was no bottom in it and I ended up picking up the poop with my fingers in the split second it took for me to realize... eeeew.   I thought it felt different LOL.   It is funny how long it seemed walking home trying not to touch anything with my shitty hand.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Socializing

This last weekend we had the snow back and some chilly weather with biting winds.   Just means the winter woolies came back out and lots of running around with four legged buddies and cups of tea for the people.   Zack met up with his buddy Zoey today but he was non too keen on wearing that blasted sweater again - it's supposed to be spring on Wednesday ya know!!   He sulked in the car on the way over.

But he soon forgot he was wearing it once Zack and Zoey got together for a walk and romp in the park then back to Zoey's for some visiting.

and running mad around the garden

Zoey didn't take her eyes off Zack

unless it was for a cookie :)   this is her little "cookie monster" face - too cute!!!

Inside she sat perfectly on her couch for a portrait

Once home Zacky did his own cookie monster impression - not quite the same - but he got the same results - a cookie was dispensed....

Now time for a Sunday afternoon nap I think.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Over 6.5 km of walking today ahead of the snowstorm - I think I have a quiet evening ahead :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Vet Visit

It seems like we lives at the vets and I wished I had shares in the business, but we do what we have to do for our beloved pets.   On Saturday morning I noticed Zacky was licking his paw and there was a bit of blood there.   I took a closer look (this was 3 a.m. in the morning)  and there was a tiny pea size lump on top of his outside toe.   It looked like a small wart, but I couldn't be sure.  

Today I took Zack to the vet to have it checked out as I couldn't stop thinking about all the bad things it could me.  That's how I am, paranoid about my dog.   The vet thought it was a wart thank goodness and  we have a choice to make now as to whether we get it removed or not.    She said if he doesn't bother it too much we could wait and let it be but if it grows then it should be removed or we could just remove it now.  

With all what Zack has been through this past 6 weeks I think I will give it a bit of time before putting him through any surgery unless there is some significant change or he keeps chewing on it or something and then I will get it removed right away.

Dam warty wart warts!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Park Lake Fun

I have quite a few videos I have not posted lately but I will try and catch up.   When Zack feels good we try and take him out lots to have some fun.   This day we took him to park lake to play fetch.   It was more of a stand off between Pete,  Zack and the ball as they played on the beach.  

I apologize for my annoying laugh and commentary but Zack was making funny noises too and I couldn't help myself.   We then continued round the park through the woods to the other side of the frozen lake where Zack showed off his agiliteez - it was a fun afternoon out.