Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weird Weekend

After a rough night on Friday / early Saturday morning we ended up with Zack at the vets again and to cut a long neverending story short, he has now been put on predisone to see if this will help prevent these painful bouts from coming back.    It was a decision we made after alot of thought and discussion seeing there could be side effects long term but it our goal to wean Zacky's dose down over time then the chances of side effects are alot less.  He just can't go on having these bouts so we thought it was for the best at this time.

Zack had a good night last night and ate this morning and seems alot better so all is good today.   EXCEPT we have about a foot of snow in the back garden and it is still coming down.    We are under a snowfall warning and they aren't kiddin.    On the bright side it is that lovely warm snow if that makes any sense.  A bugger to shovel but you don't freeze your butt off doing it!!!

Zack had trouble getting round the garden you can see some spots that were deeper than he was tall.

He didn't care though he was happy to get some fresh air  and push his way through the snow after being cooped up yesterday in the house.

At times he looked like a little snowman  :)

a foot of snow doesn't keep Zacky from rummaging 


The funniest is when he comes in the the house the  snow melts off him and he is all wet then he acts like he has just come out of the bath and zooms round the house like a mad thing..... no matter what, he is always able to put a smile of my face.   He is just the cutest.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Great Gift

Zack gotta new toy from his buddy Deuce for showing him such a good time while his mum went on holidays, I think Zack's new Zebra Kong was a hit...

literally, Zack kept whacking himself in the ribs with it!!!!  It doesn't seem to phase him tho he still keeps on giving it the death shake.    He plays by himself alot like this and I never get tired of watching him -   he's so funny.

Thanks Duecy Doo for such a great gift.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

On the Way Home

I never get tired of the scenery we drive past - it is always different depending on the time of year.

We stopped to check out more lakes on the way home and this one was open and you could smell the fish.   A fisherman just came out of the water while we were there.   Zack was checking for leftovers not to eat but to roll in LOL!!

There were newborn calves everywhere in lots of the farmers fields.   Soooo cute.   I just wanted to go and cuddle um - not sure the mama range cow would appreciate that tho - and no, I didn't grow up on a farm and have no cow sense - but it does'nt hurt to think "what if I could", especially when the little one looks back at you like this one did.   Zack couldn't care less about the cows - he was probably thinking...mmm dinner.

The grass still hasn't turned green yet but it is starting to and Zack was well into snuffling through all the grass and bushes to check things out.    The gophers tho are out with a vengeance and chirping everywhere.

This is what drives Zack into a trance.   He is not like a normal terrier that charges and tries to catch them (which is good).   He stands and listens to the chirping and stalks the ones he sees - by the time he thinks of running they have popped down their holes in the ground again.   I don't mind it so funny to watch and the gophers always get away.

Travelling always makes for a tired Zacky.    After we got home I was up on the landing upstairs and looked down and caught Zack and Fat Cat on the mat at the bottom of the stairs.   Fat Cat saw me but Zack was out cold.

It was a quiet evening....:)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday Drive

This might be a long post..... just saying

Easter Sunday Pete, Zack and I went for a drive to the mountains to check out the lake situation for Pete's fishing on Monday as the fishing season was opening for those lakes.   On the way there we attended Church for Easter Sunday - well sort of - we stopped at this tiny historic church basically in the middle of nowhere.   I wish we knew it's history, it is very quaint and has it's own little grave yard.   Here is Zack at the front door.

and Zack closer up - the foundation of the church is rock

There is a little creek that crosses the churchyard before reaching the gravestones with a little footbridge.   Zack was having trouble sitting still on the bridge as the gophers were chirping all around him and he was so focused trying to see where they were LOL.

Once at Police Lake it looked like the lake was still iced up a little - especially round the boat launch - a bummer for Pete, but the majority of the lake was open water.

Zack kept watch on the jetty and then he got to sniff through all the rushes and check for critters round the edge of the lake

Big Chief Mountain was clouded over but later in the day the sun did come out - too bad my pictures don't show that.

We then decided to hike through the bush to the foot bridge across to the island where the water was open.   I hope you can see the footbridge on the photo below - that is where we were headed.

It was lovely until I saw this sign and then I started freaking out on the trail  as I could hear grunts and snorts in the bushes.    I haven't been that scared in forever - whether it was in my head or there was actually a bear there we will never know and I am glad I didn't have to find out.  I don't think Zack would protect us in any way he would probably think a bear was just another giant doggy pal to play with.

You have know idea how thankful I was to get out of the bush and into the open and onto the foot bridge.    There were two geese sitting on the rail honking at something - may be they saw the bear LOL!!!

You see Canada geese everywhere here but they are majestic when they take to flight.

I thought Pete had trained Zack well and he was looking for fish from the dock  just like Pete

but this is what Zack was after, he saw a ........mmmmmmm  muskrat -  I swear they look a bit like a miniature beaver - but so cute.

After walking back through the bush talking gibberish and singing loudly and sounding like someone who has escaped from the asylum we made it through the trail back to the car without any sign of the bear.  Note to self - bears come out of hibernation the end of March !!!!!

Once back at the car it was time to harness Zack back in his car seat and head to our next destination and then on home.   It was a great Easter Sunday tho.