Saturday, August 24, 2013


Zack just loves his new little sis'
He walks on by and slips her a kiss

Together forever on the top of the stairs
Both in a home with someone who cares


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going Grey

I have noticed lately that Zacky's coat and beard is going more and more grey.   He is still a handsome boy in my eyes anyway.    I can't believe he will be 5 in September, the years are going by waaaay too fast.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's Been a While Since.....

It's been a while since Fat Cat has said "hello".  

Sunday, August 11, 2013


From the first day we brought Molly home we noticed she hopped on her left hind leg on and off but didn't seem in any pain at all.  I thought it was probably luxating patella but I had her checked by the vet the day I brought her home actually and both her knees were very stable.    We didn't know if the rescue would do anything and I was worried another owner would not look after her like I would so we adopted her anyway - gimpy leg an' all.  Being prepared for whatever came of it, surgery or whatever.

After the adoption, we have had her leg investigated further.  She has had further thorough manipulation of all her joints, Xrays of both knees, hips and spine and all checked out completely clear, nothing wrong at all.   I was so relieved.    She shows no sign of pain on manipulation or movement and runs round like crazy, jumps, does not limp at all on that leg and only hops when she is at a certain speed (like an extended trot or canter - if you are a horse person) but is normal at other gaits.  It is very strange. 

The only thing that we noticed was when she had that horrible hair cut in the beginning we noticed there was a scar on that left hind leg.   So bad that no hair grew around it.   Who knows what happened to her and I dread to think she was just left in pain at that horrible place she came from.    My vet thinks it could be that she never used the leg for so long due to the injury and being cooped up at a puppy mill  she just needs use the leg again.   There could also be scar tissue in there or contracted muscles.   I am to exercise her as much as possible and get her muscles built up in that leg - she loves her walks and seems to be improving.   The hop may never go away completely tho.    She is in no pain so that's all that matters .

It just makes me sad that Molly is just one in thousands that have to endure such conditions at puppy mills with no medical care at all :(    I am glad she doesn't have to worry about that any more.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Watch Out!!!

The other day I was scratching Zack's belly and felt something in his groin with a little pinhole size sharp thing sticking out.   I went and got the tweezers and tried to pry Zack's skin away from this thing and when I did it looked like a thorn.   I grabbed the end with the tweezers and started to pull gently, crikey then a bloody 1 inch long grass seed came out!!!!     I was so thankful I got it as those things can cause all sorts of problems and travel in the body - I couldn't imagine if that thing got to his bladder or something.   I have seen it in other dogs when I worked at a vet clinic and it isn't pretty.

I always loved Zack's coat and prided in the fact that is seems to repel everything rain, dirt, burrs, etc. but NOT grass seeds.   So everyone out there watch out and check your dogs when they come home from their walks.

Zack didn't know what all the fuss was about and loved the attention, but all I can say is thank heavens for tweezers and polysporin!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zack Attack

This is what Molly looks like after 10 rounds of play with Zacky.   He just loves to lick and tries to put her hole head down his throat - really he does -  BOL!!!

She is sopping wet  quite often - but I don't think she minds :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Visitor

Last week we had little Zoey come to stay for four days and Zack couldn't believe his luck.   Oh boy, two girls to play with.   They were so cute together and Zoey, Molly and Zack got along just fine.

They played hard and crashed hard.

Zacky was worn out with two girls to entertain - which of course he did

This is the three of them waiting for their great to have other dogs at feeding time --- no problem with no one eating when there is competition :)

I have video to post of the never ending play sessions which I will post at a later date.