Thursday, May 30, 2013

Out & About

Took Zack to one of our favourite walking spots the other day.   The grass is lovely and green now with all the spring rains.

I never get tired of the coulees in spring...

Walkin walkin walkin

Time for a break.....

Hot dawg.....

It was a great walk - although Zacky almost disappears in the long grass at times :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Name is Lisa, and I am a Collaraholic

OK, I have been doing well in rehab but unfortunately fell off the wagon again recently and had to break down and buy Zack this spiffy new collar.   I just love it.

from every angle  :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Big Decision

The last time Deuce went home I shed a tear or two.  

After many months of weighing up the pros and cons we have finally decided to look at adopting a little rescue  dog to add to our family and keep Zack company.   We are taking our time to find the right fit and may foster one first.    I am excited, nervous all at the same time but I think Zack will love it to have a friend forever instead of only for a week here and there.

It will be an opportunity to put my training to the test again as I am sure any rescue has "some baggage" which may need to be worked with.    

I have my eye on a little dog that comes from a hoarding situation which is really sad and she looks like she needs some TLC and some confidence building.   It is a draw to me as my old Cavalier Cassie that I took in as a 4 year old came from a similar situation and was very scared of people and shy.  She would have panic attacks when we went for a walk but she settled down well.   My other Cavalier Riley that I had at the time was so outgoing and friendly to everyone Cassie soon realized that people and the world was not a bad place. He helped her out lots.

Hopefully, Zack being like Riley,  would help the new dog through her transition period.   Anyways, I hope we do manage to foster her and see if we can help.    We have put in an application, just not sure if we are one of many who applied.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another Day Out - Episode 2

Whenever we caught a fish Deuce was up and wanted to see what all the excitement was about

We caught quite a few rainbow trout - they are such beautiful fish with lovely colours but we always release them back into Police Lake.

This fish was not so lucky.   We saw a pair of loons swim by and we couldn't believe our eyes when one of them caught a fish as big as the loon itself almost and started to try and swallow it like a pelican. We thought at first he would never get it down as he was struggling and didn't have the big beak or pouch like a pelican

but the bird managed after a few minutes of manoeuvring his head.   It was amazing it fit... really it was something to see.  

I love Police Lake Provincial park because of the wildlife.   We always see the pair of nesting bald eagles which were there again with newly hatched chicks but we didn't get too close so not to disturb.  However, this was the first time we saw a pair of ospreys there.   The photo is quite far away but this one actually had a fish in his talons.   The dogs enjoy watching all the things that go on around them out there that they don't see in a normal given day.   It's a treat for all.

Back on land we visited with our friends who were camping.   Zacky was waiting patiently while we got the food ready and was wondering where his was.

We went for a short hike from the campground with the dogs so they could stretch their (and my) legs and actually where I am standing is the US border.  Behind me (you can't see it) is a monument.   Zack and Deuce had a blast going through all the undergrowth and bushes.   We kept our eyes peeled for bears but as it was a long weekend there were quite a few people about so I think it kept them away - thank goodness!!

It was a great day out.  When I call the dogs, I have now found myself saying "come here boys" - it sounds good :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Day Out (Episode 1)

Yesterday we decided to load up the dogs and ourselves and head off to Police Lake Provincial Park again to do a bit of fishing and visit with friends who are camping out there for the long weekend.   The weather forecast was not so good but luckily we never got rained on all day.   It was cool and overcast but on the whole we were very lucky.   Had a great day fishing, a bit of hiking, visited with friends and saw lots of wildlife.   Here is just a "little bit" of our day out:

First thing the dogs knew something was up with all the packing and getting the car ready.   They were keen to get going just like us.   

Once we got there, Zacky was watching Pete's every move as he got the fishing gear ready for boat.

I got the dogs out and we hung out in the parking lot picnic area while we waited.  It was quite cool early in the morning but the dogs didn't seem to mind too much.   I however had about 10 layers of clothes on and looked like the michelin man!!!

Zack has had his photo taken at this spot many times (you may have seen it in my prior posts) but Deucy Doo hadn't.   He is such a sweet boy who turns 12 next month so I had to get a picture.   It's hard to believe that Zack's buddy is getting on a bit now.    We have noticed he gets a bit stiff if he overdoes it so we don't let them play as much any more but Deuce still enjoys his walks and getting out.

Deuce's mum told us that Deuce had never been on a boat before so we thought to be safe we better get a life vest for him too.   Luckily out neighbour who owns Paisley the poodle let us borrow her lifevest.  It fit Deuce perfectly albeit it was VERY pink but we didn't tell Deuce it was pink!! LOL

Zack being the seasoned fisherdog showed Deuce the ropes.

Deucy Doo loved every minute of it.   

Zacky taught him well ---- who me?  

Zack loves to look out and check out the birds that were everywhere.   We were very lucky to come across bald eagles, ospreys, kingfishers and loons yesterday.   It was pretty awesome.   I will post about that tomorrow.

Deuce loved to sit on deck and keep an eye on things too.   He is much more inquisitive about the fish than Zack.   Zack is not amused when we catch a fish but Deuce is all keen to check it out.   Night and day it's so funny.

It was pretty chilly at times on the boat if the wind got up so I was glad we had blankets for everyone to snuggle in including the dogs.   

I am so glad we decided to take Deuce with us.   He was no trouble in the boat and it was an experience he has now had in his life  - may be it was on his bucket list LOL?!!

After a good day of catching trout, it was back to the boat launch for the day to warm up,  visit with friends and do a bit of hiking.   Til next time.....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heeee's Baaack

Deucy Doo is back to stay for a week

Zack is one happy boy

I haven't blogged for so long we had snow the last time I did.   I figured I would make up for it and blog twice in one day!!!!

New Member

It finally came in the mail and now Zacky is a new member of the BT Posse (Border Terrier Posse)

He wears his badge proudly :)