Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zack - A Great Mentor

We took one of our usual "day trips" out as a foursome for the first time.   We hit the road and headed to Westcastle Ski Resort to check out that area as I had never been (even though it is not winter).   We were not sure how Molly would travel and were prepared for anything but we had Zack in his booster seat in the the back and Molly was in her open wire crate next to him.   She was just fine and relaxed next to Zacky as he travels so well.   It was just brilliant how well she travelled in the car. 

The drive was beautiful.  

 As usual we stopped along the way.   The first stop was at the Oldman River Dam to check the River for Pete's fishing.   There were gophers everywhere and Zack couldn't believe his luck that they were in the rocks too!!!    I don't think Molly has seen much of the "outside world" and she trotted right along following him.    I think he is giving her confidence that's for sure.    She is definitely not got the same terrier drive as Zacky but even though she is a  little white fluffy thing we are not going to treat her as a little frew frew dog.  

The drive got more beautiful the closer we got to Westcastle and we stopped at Westcastle Falls.   Molly's haircut here looks cute but honestly the camera lies and close up all you see is patchy skin and a skinny dog it's awful.    I can't wait til the hair grows back in some.

In the parking lot at the Falls Zack was still hunting for the gophers while he was harnessed into his booster seat while I was out taking photos.   He is so funny and so in his element.

We walked along the river trail for a bit - Zacky smelling everything he could

Molly watched him closely

and trotted right along

On the way back we stopped at Beauvais Lake to meet up with our friends who were camping there.  I wasn't sure about taking Molly as I didn't want to overwhelm her considering she is so shy so I was going to hold back, but as we got up there and the circle of people were talking at the campsite Zack just goes to greet everybody and there were another couple of little dogs there, Molly followed right along not nervous at all.   She was so curious about everything and very brave.   She even went over to people on her own to say hello and take a treat.   I warned everyone there of her history and to be ever so slow with their movements and she was just fine.  Zack's super temperment is great for her.  She has come along way in such a short time.

Molly is still very handshy if you try to get hold of her too quickly but I think that will just take alot of time and patience.  

Zack truly is her mentor.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Official

Today we officially adopted our little foster dog and she is now another White family member.  We called her lil' Miss Molly or "Molly" for short.    She got the most god awful haircut today so she now looks so skinny (which she is - but not for long at our house) and her head is shaved flat so she doesn't look too cute anymore.  Thank goodness hair grows back :) - it is a sight to see.... truly.    

She must feel better tho as after I picked her up and got her home Zack was happy to have her home and got playing with his toys, she actually got the zoomies, grabbed a squeaky toy and started running round the house.   It was a new "first".  I am sure over time she will have lots of "firsts" and more positive things happen to her.    It will take time to bring her out of her shell.  I thinks Zack's outgoing attitude will definitely help.    He is being such a great boy with her.    He is trying so hard to get her to play with him but she probably hasn't played before.   Maybe one day maybe not and that's ok.   They seem happy with each other and that's all that matters.


Monday, June 10, 2013


MMMMMM..... toast crusts

MMMMMMM..... cookies

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Arrival

We finally picked up our little rescue foster dog this morning.   They think she is a maltese mix but not sure and about 2 years old.    She is mostly white but with patches of ginger.   I found out more information about her and it is very sad.   I guess there were 30 dogs kept in cages by a hoarder/puppy mill just south of Calgary and Rosie was one of them.   When the dogs were all rescued they were almost feral.   Rosie wouldn't even come near a person and over the last 6 weeks she has come on along long way thanks to the rescue and work they have done.   She is even walking well on a lead and loves her kennel (probably from being in one all her life poor thing)

She is the sweetest most gentle little dog, still wary of people and her surroundings a bit but has no nip in her at all and is very cuddly.  Just in the few hours she has been here she has settled down quite well and knows what cookies are.   Zack and her just hit it off.   He has been so kind to her not jumping all over like he usually does to his other doggy friends.   May be he knows she needs a calm place for now.   She has been following him everywhere and has the cutest little trot.

She loves being outside as I think a house is probably a strange place for her after her background.

We hung out on the deck this afternoon while I was reading my magazine.

 Rosie was enjoying her freedom in the garden and getting acquainted with her surroundings.   She goes in for a hair clip next week so she will be alot more comfortable in the heat.

Already they were almost snuggling and typical Zack he has snuck in a few french kisses which Rosie doesn't seem to mind :)   The closer Zacky is to her the more comfortable she is.   It was great having two dogs at my feet.

My new threesome?    Rosie is great with the cat she just ignores her - Fat Cat was curious about her and went over to say hello shortly followed by a hiss!!

I was expecting the worst but so far it has been a very easy transition.   She seems to feel comfortable here and quite content with my animals.    I can't wait to see what the next few days brings and then we will decide for sure whether we will adopt her.    She is smaller than I was looking for but honestly I don't think that is going to matter considering how she is fitting in.

My husband is away until Sunday so I want to see how she is with him - it may take a little time to warm up but I don't think it will be too long as she loves her cookies and comes round after a little bit.

Her name was Rosa, I have been calling her Rosie, but if I keep her I am not sure if I am going to change her name or not.   She doesn't seem to know it anyway.  Any suggestions for names?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sitting Butt Sunday

Sitting Butt Sunday 

and a little bit sleepy too!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Little White Pill

It's been approximately two months now since Zack started on the steroids to try and help out his terrible belly pains he would get.    Except at the very beginning when he was very depressed and lethargic on the steroids,  once we reduced the dose he was back to his old self.   Since then he has not had any painful episodes, and the odd day when I hear his belly gurgles he seems a little off I think the Prednisone stops it from progressing to anything painful which is great.   I haven't had to give him any of his usual hard core pain medication at all since he has been on them.

Even though I still get a knot in my stomach thinking that he is on steroids he has been alot better with no pain, so I think I made the right decision.   He had his blood checked once since starting them and his blood was all NORMAL so we have no worries there.  

Today we start reducing the dose again and hopefully over time we can get him down to a low enough dose  so if he does have to stay on them long term there won't be any side effects.  My goal is to hopefully get him off them one day but we will do it ever so gradually so as not to cause any other problems.

He's a happy boy these days and I can't wait to see what he does when we get another little dog home.  In the meantime, Zoey his little shih tzu buddy is coming over this morning and we are off for a long walk in the lovely spring weather.