Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Mat

I bought a new front door mat just after Christmas and I think it has been a hit.

It seems I should have got a bigger one!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching Up

As I am laid up with a bad ankle I figured now is a good time to catch up with my blogging.   Deucy Doo came for a 10 day visit and it has been a blast having him in our house again.   Zack, Molly and Deuce get along really well.   Fat Cat is Fat Cat and she sits there like a brick not moving no matter who is in the house.   It's quite funny.  Deuce is a little frightened of her LOL.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of his stay.  The weather was great and the snow had started to melt in the garden so it was quite patchy.  By the end of his stay the snow was almost gone.  That's the only benefit if our chinook winds that are 120km hr.  

There was lots of exploring the garden where the snow had melted.

Molly would tease Deuce,  she would charge him and then run.   It was hilarious.   She's brave and naughty for a little white fluffy thing!!!

But they had lots of fun playing about

There was lots of snow flying

and chasing going on

Zack uncovered many of his balls from the melting snow and he really didn't want anyone else to have them.

I have other pictures of him trying to corral his balls (I will post them another day)

It's hard to believe that Deuce is turning 13.   He doesn't look or act his age other than if he runs a lot he does get stiff in his front leg when he first gets up, so we are pretty careful about how much play and running about he does.   

There was also a lot of down time in our house too and the dogs just loved the front door mat and lounging together in the sun.  This was my favourite time with them as they were so sweet together.

Deucy Doo went home yesterday and he was so happy to see his mum.    Until next time Deucy Doo.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Should I Strip?

This winter I decided to let Zack's coat "go" and not touch it til spring.   He hasn't been stripped for quite some time now.     His coat doesn't grow too fast (like some other BTs) so I am lucky.   However, for some funny reason, when it does grow it only seems to grow round his neck like a mane and along his spine and nothing on his sides.  He starts to look like a hyena - really.

It is so weird, it is so thick along his back that it clumps even.

It is like when you are trying to grow out your own hair and it gets to that annoying point where it is driving you nuts, well this is the stage Zack's coat is with me right now.   I think I am just going to have to suck it up and wait a couple more months before I get my fingers in there and start stripping.  I know if I strip him now the temps will plummet to -40 and we will have a blizzard - just like when you wash the car and it snows the next day. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not our Usual Walk

Over Christmas Holidays I took the dogs for some off leash time somewhere a little different.  It is just a bit further down the top of the coulees from where we live but it makes for some great views in the cold weather and lots for me to look at.

The high level bridge can even be seen from where I was standing, albeit a little hazy.

Zacky did lots or running about away from Molly, it was pretty chilly and she really didn't appreciate the deeper snow on her belly but Zack doesn't mind.   His coat is really thick right now and he's a tough little bugger.

The river was pretty much frozen but we stayed ways a way and viewed it only from above

Zack posed for more photos (of course :) and this was one of my favourites.   His paw was up as usual.

Molly still hasn't got use to having so many photos taken and it is hard for her to stay still without feeling intimidated so I have to take it slow with her.   I am so used to plopping Zack down somewhere or telling him to stay and snapping away but I can't do that with Molly.   I must have patience.  

We walked further along the top of the Coulee trails and saw Paradise Canyon golf course.  It looks so different in the winter.   Eerie almost.

Molly did enjoy some off leash time with Zacky

I swear she must have been a rabbit in a previous life,  the back feet are the spitting image, those ears and cotton tail, and she runs like the wind LOL

We are lucky to have these places to take the dogs, although it is not officially an off leash area, this time of year there is nobody about (only us die hard dog walkers) and there are no snakes!!!

I just have to keep my eyes peeled for deer and the odd coyote, but so far so good.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It came and went

2013 seemed to come and go so fast.  I can't even remember all what happened so that is why it is so great to have my blog.

 I do remember 2013 not starting off well when it came to Zack's health.  He struggled with his abdominal pain for two months or so on and off  and all his meds we're not working as well so we made the decision with our vet to finally put him on steroids.   We started off with a high dose to get his condition under control and over time have reduced the prednisone down to 1/2 pill every third day which is good.  He has now been on them almost a year but it has helped keep things under control.    No major pain attacks at all.  Only a minor hiccup over the year which we were able manage and he was back to normal way quicker.    Even though I know steroids are not always a good thing, I think I made the right decision with Zack as he has lived like a normal dog through most of 2013 and when he is feeling good I am feeling good.

The other big thing in 2013 is that we adopted our little rescue dog Miss Molly on June 7.   She has been a great addition to our family and I am glad to we took her in, helped her out , etc. so that she can enjoy life.    I took her to her first dog training class as she knew nothing when I got her and she was great.

2014 is here already and I have high hopes to try and see if I can get Zack trained and  ready for his next rally trial later this year.   We will see how he does and go from there.  For fun I have signed Molly up for her first rally training class starting tomorrow.    I hear there are rally trials for mixed breeds so I have got the urge to work with my dogs more this year.

Fat cat is Fat cat.  While she was at the vets this past week for an allergic reaction, she had gained even more weight.  So we are changing her food off the thyroid diet and putting her back on weight control, then just giving her thyroid meds orally.  I don't even want to think about Fat cat getting sick.  She is approx 12 so I know things can start to happen.   I love that cat so much.

Here's to blogging about Zack, Molly and a Fat cat in 2014, so I can remember what we did this time next year.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Already

So it is 2014 already and I haven't finished posting about last year yet.   I have a few more photos to share from our various walks over the holidays.

This is the building site I mentioned previously and it is full of fun for Zacky.  He has to hunt every nook and cranny...

Always finding something

Whoo hoo

Not letting Molly have any piece of it

I don't know what it is but there is something about Zack's feet.  I just love his black pads and woolly paws :) and this photo emphasizes them.  He often holds up one foot not cuz he was cold that day but he just does it.    I call him my little pointer :)

Heading back to the car away from the building site he found another favourite thing of his, something that he can destroy…

The initial find

The grab

The crush

The ripping and tearing

ripping and tearing


Yep smithereens.  Job done!!

Our walk by then was over and we were almost back to the car.   Molly still has spurts of energy and runs like the wind - she makes me laugh - a lot.

This is what I usually see on my walk, two cute little butts.

It's been a fun time over the holidays having time off work and spending a little extra time walking the dogs.   Luckily the weather hasn't been too terrible other than the wind so we have made the most of it.