Saturday, August 10, 2013

Watch Out!!!

The other day I was scratching Zack's belly and felt something in his groin with a little pinhole size sharp thing sticking out.   I went and got the tweezers and tried to pry Zack's skin away from this thing and when I did it looked like a thorn.   I grabbed the end with the tweezers and started to pull gently, crikey then a bloody 1 inch long grass seed came out!!!!     I was so thankful I got it as those things can cause all sorts of problems and travel in the body - I couldn't imagine if that thing got to his bladder or something.   I have seen it in other dogs when I worked at a vet clinic and it isn't pretty.

I always loved Zack's coat and prided in the fact that is seems to repel everything rain, dirt, burrs, etc. but NOT grass seeds.   So everyone out there watch out and check your dogs when they come home from their walks.

Zack didn't know what all the fuss was about and loved the attention, but all I can say is thank heavens for tweezers and polysporin!!!


marley said...

Sound advices my pal....we is always avin to get ticks off of duss be a magnit for vermins...

BODIE said...

Good werk Mum, those grass seeds are nasty.