Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dodged Another Bullet

I haven't felt like blogging, facebooking or anything lately and apologize for the lack thereof.  There was a death in my family and other bad things have been happening to other people I know and so have been feeling a little blah.

Thank heavens for my two little buggers tho as have you ever seen those funny animal emails you receive or watched "bad dog" on TV, well it happened to me personally last Friday as this is what I came home to at lunch:

Molly blamed Fat Cat, Fat Cat blamed Molly and Zack had disappeared altogether (I wonder why)

The whole computer area had been raided and scattered  right across the whole downstairs living area.

Even our new print cartridges had been unwrapped, peeled and destroyed.   We lost iPod earphones, all sorts of things were wrecked - pencils, pens chewed up you name it they had it.

Even Zack's monkey sweater was shredded - I knew Zack hated it but……

I honestly just laughed as Molly looked so innocent and it did look like she was wondering what all the fuss was about.    Zack was on "his mat" and didn't even come to say hello when I got in :)   I honestly don't think it was Zack who did "the raid" (as he has never done it before) but I am sure that once Molly had drug everything out he was right there joining in the destruction.   We will never know for sure.

After laughing about what they had just done, my laughter turned to panic afterwards worrying about what they could have swallowed and the repercussions of that.   It will be a week tomorrow since it happened and many poops later I am thinking we dodged another bullet and in the clear with respect to any blockages.   I was celebrating every poop let me tell ya!!!

Molly is now back in her kennel when we are at work and there has been no more problems.

Zack's rap sheet is growing,  he has committed multiple homicides over the years to many squeaky furry things and now he can add more to his crime list, home invasion and destruction of personal property!!!   Molly's crime spree may have just begun - Yikes :)


onecollie said...

sorry to hear there has been a death in your family :( condolences
Molly does look rather innocent staring at you doesn't she! beware of those innocent faces lol!
Happy to know no one ate anything, phew!

marley said...

Wohahahahaha....good werk Zack my corse it dussnt be yoo wot dun it....

BODIE said...

Oh no not the monkey sweater says Mum that was her fave. Although good werk ma man, I the Bodester wouldn't take a step in it. JOB WELL DONE!!! And if you all plead the 5th, what can they do??