Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trip to the Mountains Part 1

It has been forever since I have posted anything but lately I have had too many photos and too much to say to just post on facebook.   Zack and Molly have been just fine.  We have just took a quick trip to the mountains in Fernie, BC.  It was such a great couple of days.   

We took a road less travelled and ended up at Chinook Lake.  it's in the middle of nowhere although it looks like it was a campground.  This time of the season it was deserted.   Just Pete, the dogs and I.   We decided to do a hike round the lake.   I seriously was sick to my stomach as I have never hiked in the back country before with such isolation.  We did have bear spray and it was a loop trail so we couldn't get lost.  

Zack was in heaven. All his senses were in overdrive.   

He was looking for fish with Pete. 

The lake was crystal clear and even I could see the fish swimming about and that is saying something as I am blind as a bat when it comes to fish

It was a truly beautiful serene spot except for me making silly noises and chunnering away do that any bear in the area would hear us coming.   The scenery was spectacular. 

taking a break around the far side of the lake

Once back round the other side the Fall colours really showed.  

First hike by ourselves was so fun once I got over the initial anxiety about bear encounters.  Didn't see any thank goodness.  


BODIE said...

Awww we have missed you guys so much. Glad to see you're all well and love the photos. Fascinated with bear spray. What does that do exackery?

marley said...

Good to see yoo my old pal....good yoo doin well