Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon

My husband Pete ran another 1/2 marathon today. When we pulled up Zack knew something was up, the tension was in the air, the anticipation of the race, he was wishing he could run too - but no dogs allowed

Zack wanted to join in the warm up with "the crew"

He was caught at the "back of the pack" just as the race was going to start, he was in his ready, set, go stance... LOL

While the race was underway Zack and I walked around the river valley to pass time. He enjoyed all the different smells although no off leash down there (dam city rules).

The runners had started to spread out alot and we waited for the them to start going by..

and waited...

Then here comes Pete - looking great

Zack went crazy as Pete went by, he screamed bloody murder as he wanted to run on with him, but poor Zack was left behind

Pete then finished strongly and so did his "running buddies" and each got their medals.

Way to go guys!!!!

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marley said...

Well done for you Pete. It look mighty cold to be runnin so far.