Saturday, February 19, 2011


Early Monday morning Pete and I leave on holidays for Mexico for a week. I always feel bad leaving Zack behind.

But I know he is in good hands as he will be staying at his best pal Dylan's house. I am sure Martin and Karen will spoil him rotten even tho he will probably be a little terror at times. Dylan is very mellow and calm and Zack is the total opposite when there is another dog about. Dylan is very tolerant of Zack's antics.

There will be another dog added to the mix halfway through the week when Atty, a Griffon, will also be holidaying with Dylan and Zack. Karen & Martin will have their hands full but the dogs will have a blast. I know Atty is obsessed with chuck it balls and there is always a race between Zack and her when it is thrown. It's amazing how fast Zack's little legs can go when he's after a chuck it ball!!!!
When we get back from holidays I am sure Zack will sleep for days. It will be like being at daycare 24/7 for a whole week!!! Blimy.


onecollie said...

Have a great time !!!!

marley said...

Ave a nice oliday Zacks mum. Ave a great oliday too Zack. Woof

BODIE & GOO said...

Have a great time all of you. Mexico, warmth, sunshine.