Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Road Less Travelled (cont....)

On our road trip we stopped a lot to check out many rivers along the way - Zack just loved all the new smells

We meandered  our way down the river bank trails until we found the perfect spot for a bit of fishing.  It was hard for Zacky to see over the long grass at times so he just tucked right in and trotted along.

Pete found a spot and the scenery wasn't bad either.   What you don't know in this photo is that I while I was taking this picture Zack was pulling me in the opposite direction cuz there were this pesky gophers screaming their warnings that we were about....... if only they knew the screaming makes Zack worse!!

We did end up at Waterton Lakes National Park for a couple of hours for a walk and ice cream :)   I think this was Zack's favourite location of the day - but I will post about the reason why tomorrow.

We were very lucky on the drive out to come across this beautiful moment.   The deer are not scared of people in the park and she just let her baby feed - we watched for about 10 minutes - so precious.   Loved it.

On our way home along the roads less travelled  in middle of nowhere we came across this awesome little church built in 1902.   It looks like the old churches you see in the old movies or TV shows.  This is why I love back road trips as you find little gems like this.

It was a great day and I think Zack had a good day out too, especially because be cont......

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BordoggyTerrier said...

Loved your pictures of all of you there! Think your having better weather than I of late - I worry any more torrential rain will wash off my sunscreen you know! B x