Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Roads Less Travelled

This past Saturday Pete, Zack and I packed up the car and went on a road trip for the day to explore some of the back roads of Southern Alberta.   We went to places neither of us had been to before and roads where you didn't see another car for ages.   Our first stop was at a farm/fishing store - Pete had to check out the fishing gear and Zack and I stayed outside to look at the tractors and all the other gear.

Zack thought the John Deere bulldozer was the best cuz it had a bucket on it.

Although all this investigating made for hot work and a cool down in the shade was called for.

One of the roads we went down there was this rural railroad crossing where we saw this gopher having a fit and chirping away, because there was no cars around AT ALL (so great) we stopped to watch what was going on.
 Lo and behold there was a weasel!!!!   So cool!!!   I had to google about them when I got home and found out that weasels eat gopher babies so now wonder the gophers were having a fit.   Thank god Zack was in the car LOL!!!

We carried on down this deserted highway only to find out it was gopher heaven and there was so many of them running across the road it was like dodging bullets.   Luckily there was no traffic along the road and we were wiggling down the highway for about 5 miles before the roads cleared from the gophers.   It was awful.

Later on we followed another gravel road which  came to a dead end at this lovely lake.  Don't know what the lake is called but it was in the foothills of the mountains and we were thankful we had a 4 x 4 vehicle going down the last bit of dirt road.

We decided it was a perfect place for a spot of lunch and Zacky was oh so ready for a snack.  He got his treats that he loves.
He just about grabbed my watermelon and  I wished we could give him a treat like that but we can't cuz of his belly issues.

It was a lovely spot for lunch and Zack loved keeping an eye on the cows that wandered around the edge of the lake.   They were fenced off though so we were all safe.
Then we were on our way again down the roads less travelled.  To be cont......


Rama's Mama said...

What beautiful scenery! Looks like a nice day of exploring. :-)

marley said...

Wot an adventure pals. Keep goin, we want to sees more

lifewithmydogs said...

I'm sure that it would have been very fun if Zack had been there with the weasel and gopher. I can only imagine... ;)

BODIE said...

Ah the best bits are down the roads that no one else is on. Part from the weasels.....