Saturday, April 6, 2013

On the Way Home

I never get tired of the scenery we drive past - it is always different depending on the time of year.

We stopped to check out more lakes on the way home and this one was open and you could smell the fish.   A fisherman just came out of the water while we were there.   Zack was checking for leftovers not to eat but to roll in LOL!!

There were newborn calves everywhere in lots of the farmers fields.   Soooo cute.   I just wanted to go and cuddle um - not sure the mama range cow would appreciate that tho - and no, I didn't grow up on a farm and have no cow sense - but it does'nt hurt to think "what if I could", especially when the little one looks back at you like this one did.   Zack couldn't care less about the cows - he was probably thinking...mmm dinner.

The grass still hasn't turned green yet but it is starting to and Zack was well into snuffling through all the grass and bushes to check things out.    The gophers tho are out with a vengeance and chirping everywhere.

This is what drives Zack into a trance.   He is not like a normal terrier that charges and tries to catch them (which is good).   He stands and listens to the chirping and stalks the ones he sees - by the time he thinks of running they have popped down their holes in the ground again.   I don't mind it so funny to watch and the gophers always get away.

Travelling always makes for a tired Zacky.    After we got home I was up on the landing upstairs and looked down and caught Zack and Fat Cat on the mat at the bottom of the stairs.   Fat Cat saw me but Zack was out cold.

It was a quiet evening....:)

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marley said...

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