Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weird Weekend

After a rough night on Friday / early Saturday morning we ended up with Zack at the vets again and to cut a long neverending story short, he has now been put on predisone to see if this will help prevent these painful bouts from coming back.    It was a decision we made after alot of thought and discussion seeing there could be side effects long term but it our goal to wean Zacky's dose down over time then the chances of side effects are alot less.  He just can't go on having these bouts so we thought it was for the best at this time.

Zack had a good night last night and ate this morning and seems alot better so all is good today.   EXCEPT we have about a foot of snow in the back garden and it is still coming down.    We are under a snowfall warning and they aren't kiddin.    On the bright side it is that lovely warm snow if that makes any sense.  A bugger to shovel but you don't freeze your butt off doing it!!!

Zack had trouble getting round the garden you can see some spots that were deeper than he was tall.

He didn't care though he was happy to get some fresh air  and push his way through the snow after being cooped up yesterday in the house.

At times he looked like a little snowman  :)

a foot of snow doesn't keep Zacky from rummaging 


The funniest is when he comes in the the house the  snow melts off him and he is all wet then he acts like he has just come out of the bath and zooms round the house like a mad thing..... no matter what, he is always able to put a smile of my face.   He is just the cutest.


marley said...

Hi Zack my pal. If you can peemail me your address thens I can pass it on to the badge distribyootor in Canada and makes sure you gets your posse badge. You can gets me at marleyterrier57 at

There was no sign of a peemail wiv dem from you yet...maybe lost in da snows....

Hope you are feeling better soon my pal

Paws on the Run said...

Sorry to hear you ended up at the vet again!! Poor guy. I hope the prednisone helps. I know steroids can be scary but quality of life is more important than quantity of life. Fingers crossed it a) helps and b) you can get him on to a low dose!

atcoma said...

Hope you start feeling better soon Zack!

BODIE said...

Oh no Zack we hope you're feeling better soon and that the drugs are workin. We know what its like to be in and out of the vets at the moment too.