Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another Day Out - Episode 2

Whenever we caught a fish Deuce was up and wanted to see what all the excitement was about

We caught quite a few rainbow trout - they are such beautiful fish with lovely colours but we always release them back into Police Lake.

This fish was not so lucky.   We saw a pair of loons swim by and we couldn't believe our eyes when one of them caught a fish as big as the loon itself almost and started to try and swallow it like a pelican. We thought at first he would never get it down as he was struggling and didn't have the big beak or pouch like a pelican

but the bird managed after a few minutes of manoeuvring his head.   It was amazing it fit... really it was something to see.  

I love Police Lake Provincial park because of the wildlife.   We always see the pair of nesting bald eagles which were there again with newly hatched chicks but we didn't get too close so not to disturb.  However, this was the first time we saw a pair of ospreys there.   The photo is quite far away but this one actually had a fish in his talons.   The dogs enjoy watching all the things that go on around them out there that they don't see in a normal given day.   It's a treat for all.

Back on land we visited with our friends who were camping.   Zacky was waiting patiently while we got the food ready and was wondering where his was.

We went for a short hike from the campground with the dogs so they could stretch their (and my) legs and actually where I am standing is the US border.  Behind me (you can't see it) is a monument.   Zack and Deuce had a blast going through all the undergrowth and bushes.   We kept our eyes peeled for bears but as it was a long weekend there were quite a few people about so I think it kept them away - thank goodness!!

It was a great day out.  When I call the dogs, I have now found myself saying "come here boys" - it sounds good :)


euthymic said...

It was nice of you to throw the fish back in. Too bad the duck got him:(

marley said...

Pah! I was free-kwently found tryin to swallow stuff twice my own body quite eazee when you kno ow my pal....