Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Big Decision

The last time Deuce went home I shed a tear or two.  

After many months of weighing up the pros and cons we have finally decided to look at adopting a little rescue  dog to add to our family and keep Zack company.   We are taking our time to find the right fit and may foster one first.    I am excited, nervous all at the same time but I think Zack will love it to have a friend forever instead of only for a week here and there.

It will be an opportunity to put my training to the test again as I am sure any rescue has "some baggage" which may need to be worked with.    

I have my eye on a little dog that comes from a hoarding situation which is really sad and she looks like she needs some TLC and some confidence building.   It is a draw to me as my old Cavalier Cassie that I took in as a 4 year old came from a similar situation and was very scared of people and shy.  She would have panic attacks when we went for a walk but she settled down well.   My other Cavalier Riley that I had at the time was so outgoing and friendly to everyone Cassie soon realized that people and the world was not a bad place. He helped her out lots.

Hopefully, Zack being like Riley,  would help the new dog through her transition period.   Anyways, I hope we do manage to foster her and see if we can help.    We have put in an application, just not sure if we are one of many who applied.

I will keep you posted.


onecollie said...

that is so exciting Lisa!!!

Tegan said...

Good luck!

marley said...

Very best of luck wiv dat my pals....Zacky *whispers* make sure it do not be a girl....them is always trubble

atcoma said...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear how goes!

BODIE said...

Wow thats awesome news. Mrs Magoo came to us when she was 18 mths and she had plenty of baggage but me being the laid back guy I am, I can help her carry some of her bags. Bodie