Friday, June 7, 2013

New Arrival

We finally picked up our little rescue foster dog this morning.   They think she is a maltese mix but not sure and about 2 years old.    She is mostly white but with patches of ginger.   I found out more information about her and it is very sad.   I guess there were 30 dogs kept in cages by a hoarder/puppy mill just south of Calgary and Rosie was one of them.   When the dogs were all rescued they were almost feral.   Rosie wouldn't even come near a person and over the last 6 weeks she has come on along long way thanks to the rescue and work they have done.   She is even walking well on a lead and loves her kennel (probably from being in one all her life poor thing)

She is the sweetest most gentle little dog, still wary of people and her surroundings a bit but has no nip in her at all and is very cuddly.  Just in the few hours she has been here she has settled down quite well and knows what cookies are.   Zack and her just hit it off.   He has been so kind to her not jumping all over like he usually does to his other doggy friends.   May be he knows she needs a calm place for now.   She has been following him everywhere and has the cutest little trot.

She loves being outside as I think a house is probably a strange place for her after her background.

We hung out on the deck this afternoon while I was reading my magazine.

 Rosie was enjoying her freedom in the garden and getting acquainted with her surroundings.   She goes in for a hair clip next week so she will be alot more comfortable in the heat.

Already they were almost snuggling and typical Zack he has snuck in a few french kisses which Rosie doesn't seem to mind :)   The closer Zacky is to her the more comfortable she is.   It was great having two dogs at my feet.

My new threesome?    Rosie is great with the cat she just ignores her - Fat Cat was curious about her and went over to say hello shortly followed by a hiss!!

I was expecting the worst but so far it has been a very easy transition.   She seems to feel comfortable here and quite content with my animals.    I can't wait to see what the next few days brings and then we will decide for sure whether we will adopt her.    She is smaller than I was looking for but honestly I don't think that is going to matter considering how she is fitting in.

My husband is away until Sunday so I want to see how she is with him - it may take a little time to warm up but I don't think it will be too long as she loves her cookies and comes round after a little bit.

Her name was Rosa, I have been calling her Rosie, but if I keep her I am not sure if I am going to change her name or not.   She doesn't seem to know it anyway.  Any suggestions for names?


Judith said...

What a great thing to have done - she's really landed on her feet. Rosie suits her well or how about Lily as she's white?

atcoma said...

What an adorable little girl! Good luck with her! :)

Linda Lowry said...

She's very sweet looking. Zack will love having a constant doggy companion. We have rescued a few kennel dogs over the years and they have turned out to be very easy going,quirky little pups. congrats!

marley said...

Ello for YOu Rosie my good to see you...I hopes you haz found your furever ome....pee ess, Zack, you haz got to check out ower blog this week. You gonna be so jellus...I will ask Clapton to try and update it tonight (Monday)...

Paws on the Run said...

I'm so happy for you guys. She looks adorable!

BODIE said...

She looks gorgeous. I'm sure it won't take her long to settle in at all, my little rescue pup has turned into the most loving little creature. And yes I would rename her, you never know what tone her name was used with her, if at all.