Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Little White Pill

It's been approximately two months now since Zack started on the steroids to try and help out his terrible belly pains he would get.    Except at the very beginning when he was very depressed and lethargic on the steroids,  once we reduced the dose he was back to his old self.   Since then he has not had any painful episodes, and the odd day when I hear his belly gurgles he seems a little off I think the Prednisone stops it from progressing to anything painful which is great.   I haven't had to give him any of his usual hard core pain medication at all since he has been on them.

Even though I still get a knot in my stomach thinking that he is on steroids he has been alot better with no pain, so I think I made the right decision.   He had his blood checked once since starting them and his blood was all NORMAL so we have no worries there.  

Today we start reducing the dose again and hopefully over time we can get him down to a low enough dose  so if he does have to stay on them long term there won't be any side effects.  My goal is to hopefully get him off them one day but we will do it ever so gradually so as not to cause any other problems.

He's a happy boy these days and I can't wait to see what he does when we get another little dog home.  In the meantime, Zoey his little shih tzu buddy is coming over this morning and we are off for a long walk in the lovely spring weather.


marley said...

Good luck wiv dem pills old pal....they was the bane of my life but they was good for keepin me elffy

Paws on the Run said...

That's great news! I'm glad you found something that helps.

BODIE said...

So glad the pills are working. Its horrid watching our little buddies in pain. They are so stoic.