Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Stuff

Over the last few weeks the snow has come and gone a few times and life has carried on.   Here are a few updates of Zack and Molly.

It was time to give Zack's coat a strip as he was starting to look like a werewolf and his shadows were pretty scary looking.   I think he lost a couple of pounds LOL

Now he is so handsome (for now anyway)

Zack and Molly also met a new friend,  meet Honey a little 6 month old pomeranian puppy who lives round the corner.   Zack and Molly went to visit for so Honey could get some socialization.   

She was as cute as a button.

Of course, as I had just stripped Zack's coat we got another dump of snow.   It was quite deep this time but Zack, Molly and little Zoey still had a good romp at the park.

Molly was happy happy happy LOL

Since then the snow has melted again and I bought myself a new cruiser bike.  So I can take the dogs with me as well I got this basket online and it fits Zack perfect. 

Of course Molly too.

Looking forward to the warmer weather and getting out and about more.


marley said...

Appy cyclin Zack my pal…is good to ave da wind in da furs...

BODIE said...

Oh a bike with a basket, very cool. Molly positively smiles for the camera. Very cute.