Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winter Won't End

Last week we got another dump of snow but it wasn't too cold so I met up with my friend Liz and her little dog Zoey and went to the park.   The park was empty so we let the dogs off for a run while nobody was about, here are just a few of the photos from that day.

Molly and Zoey had to plough through the snow with their short legs but they seemed to have fun anyway,   It's amazing what a couple more inches of leg will do, Zack was clear and ran like the wind.

There was no hope that Zoey would catch him.

But it wasn't for lack of trying

These two look so cute together, the "pink ladies".

We heard a woodpecker, or so we thought it was this flicker (I think)  pecking at the birdhouse in someone's back garden.  They must be from the woodpecker family, I will have to look that up in my bird book…..

Since this walk the snow had started to melt during the week but now we got freezing rain and everything was treacherous this morning with a skiff of snow on top.   Its been a very long winter this year, I am counting every blade of green grass that shows it's face then I know spring is on it's way.


marley said...

Yoo is veree gud putting up wiv all dis snow Zack my pal…I feel for yoo

BODIE said...

We're cheering on spring for you. Too much snow can't be a good time.