Sunday, May 18, 2014

Visitor's Welcome

I love having an additional four legged visitor every so often whether it is Deuce of Zoey.  This time we have Deucy Doo staying for a few days.   Luckily all the rain that was forecast hasn't happened yet and so have enjoyed spending some time outside, walks and just hanging out.

Here are a few photos so far.

Deucy Doo has never seen Fat Cat outside before.   He couldn't figure it out LOL.   The warm sun seems to help Fat Cat's arthritis which must feel good to her so we let her out when we are outside with her now.

I got some yard work done this weekend and had lots of four legged company - although Zack of course got up to no good eating the soil and whatever else he could get.   I was chasing after him on numerous occasions so he was banned to the deck until I got everything picked up.  

Sunday afternoon was a lazy one.   It was so sweet how they all just settled together while I was reading my magazine.   Love that they get along so well.

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marley said...

Awww…dem is sweet fotos Zack my pal….yoo haz a grate tribe….