Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ups & Downs

Since posting last a lot has been happening in the White household, some good, some not so good.   

The Bad News:   I haven't been able to post about it til now cuz it was upsetting but we took Fat Cat into the vets last week cuz she was drooling from the mouth and we thought she lost a tooth.   Our vet booked her in for X-rays and dental surgery and she went in the next morning.     Once Fat Cat was under anaesthetic  the X-rays revealed she has a mass and her jaw was separated (fractured).   The vet did a needle biopsy but no cancer cells were found which was good, but it doesn't rule it out.   So for now the vet sutured her jaw back to stabilize it and see how she does over the next little while and see if it is cancer and whether a lump develops or not. 

She has been spoiled rotten since then, and it has been a week now and she is back to eating normally and seems to be a happy cat so we are just going to keep her going as long as we can.   She is on pain meds for her arthritis so she has pain relief.    I will not let her suffer if it does turn out to be cancer, we will just let her go peacefully.   I am not putting her through surgery or anything like that at her age.    It's just hard to come to terms with the fact she could have cancer and every day I am checking to see if there is any changes.

The Good News:   This last weekend Zack had his Advanced Rally Obedience trial.   In our first class on Saturday morning Zacky decided to ignore me and had no interest in doing anything we had practiced.    He was just as happy to gawk around and leave the ring twice!!    To get his attention I was clapping and calling him but I think that totally put him off even more.   We were disqualified.   I was a bit disheartened but thought I would continue.   Well in Saturday afternoon's class he was way way better. He listened, showed more attention (not perfect) and did really well.   We qualified with a score of 90 out of a 100 and won High In Class and got a huge ribbon!!   Talk about night and day.   I was so happy with him.   Here is his new ribbon that he won.

Sunday was like a repeat of Saturday, same thing in the morning leaving the ring.

Sunday afternoon he was brilliant.   He was way more attentive, did everything I asked and would have got a score of 97 out of a 100 but it was ME who screwed up a sign and lost 10 points.   We still qualified and came in second.   It was a great weekend.   

Here is a group photo of my classmates who also won some of their classes.

It was a great weekend.   I am now going to try and get Zack's last qualifying score in November at the trial in Lethbridge to get his Rally Advanced Certificate.

Molly is saying "hey, what about me"…..

Molly is not going to be left out as now the Canadian Kennel Club is allowing mixed breeds to compete in obedience and I am going to register her so that we can start  "rally obedience" with her too.  She'll do anything for hot dogs LOL


marley said...

Very sorree to ree abowt da trubbles for Fat Cat my pal…I keep da paws cross for good noos……an well dun yoo an da beejunce stuff…I was nivver one for doin as I am telled..i say for yoo dat I is off on my olidays so I meebe not be commentin on da blog for a week or so my pal...

BODIE said...

Way to go Zacky. I'm abit shocked at the comment that they haven't to now let Mixed breeds compete in Obedience given it is not a breed show. Speechless really. Glad they are coming round.