Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Fishing

Fall fishing at Police Lake at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is my favourite place to fish.  It's so beautiful this time of year and we took Zack and Molly with us before it gets too cold and the snow starts to blow.    The weather the day we went was just crazy.   

This sign seems to follow us everywhere lately.  No walking through the trees that's for sure.  

It was a crisp morning and no wind while we waited for Pete to get the boat in the water.  Zack and Molly looked on from the jetty in all their water gear.  Zack was pulling faces he hates his life vest.  

Once on the boat he forgets all about it.  Too many things to smell and see.  

The wind then started to blow.  
It blew up and then calmed down. It rained then the sun shone.  It got cold and then warm.  Crikey it didn't know what to do.  At least it didn't snow!

Capt. Zack kept a lookout for any little muskrat that decided to swim by.  Nothing came close to the boat this time other than a few birds which took a quick dive as soon as they saw him!.  Molly is such a cutie on the boat,  nothing gets her too excited she would rather sleep lol.  

We caught lots of fish, saw Ospreys, bald eagles and lots of water birds. Luckily no bears :).  Just love the wildlife there.  

During a heavy downpour the dogs and I huddled under the umbrella and blankets to stay warm.  Pete continued fishing , nothing will stop him.  Everytime he lost a fish he would shout "you bastard!"   It was so funny. 

Wicked black clouds moved in over the mountains and suddenly Kaboom a loud clap of thunder hit,  we then made a mad dash for shore for our safety and sat in the car waiting for the storm to pass.  The sky was very dark but beautiful. 

I will continue our fall fishing outing blog next time.   


marley said...

Glad to se yoo haz cort sum foods Zack my pal...make it all werf it

BODIE said...

Ive just started fishing on the Kaipara Harbour. Leave Bodie at home though as he seems to have 4 left feet and would be overboard no trouble at all. Not to mention he would rark up the fish as they landed on the boat.