Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trip to the Mountains - Last instalment

We had a one night stay at Island Lake Lodge up the top of a mountain.  It was truly beautiful up there.  

Our room was cozy like a log cabin and we had a beautiful view from the balcony.  

It was funny to see how different the dogs were.  Zack's terrier instincts never died down and he was always on the lookout while Molly was happy to take a nap.  All the fresh mountain air is very tiring ya know.   They were so cute. 

We were going to do a bit of hiking but yet again on the trails there was a warning to the hikers about a mother bear and cubs on the trail as well as a moose bluff charging hikers.   As we had Zack and Molly we decided to stay close to the Lodge.  

In the old growth forest Molly's white coat stood out like a beacon.  We didn't want her to become bear bait.  Crikey

We managed a short hike to the lake which was absolutely gorgeous.   

It was a short trip but  it was nice to get away with the dogs for a change.   I would definitely go back to Island Lake Lodge may be a different time of year when the Bears aren't getting ready for hibernation by eating everything in sight, which might include a little white fluffy thing LOL.    

On the way home we stopped in the Crowsnest Pass and checked out the river there.  Found another little trail which we will have to go back to.  The valley there is lovely. 

It was good to get home but since then we have been fishing!!!  Another post to come :)

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marley said...

Phew....dussnt want to be brekkie for no bear Zack my pal...