Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fat Cat - M.I.A.

At about 8pm last night I realized I had not seen Asia (aka Fat Cat) in a while. I called her she did not come. I did not hear her (she is very talkative). I started to look around the house for her but to no avail. I then started to run around the house, up and down the stairs calling her name - nothing. She always comes or meows when called so I was starting to get worried. I then looked in all the closets, cupboards, pantry, basement, under the bed, even the washer and dryer (heaven forbid). Nothing. After about 20 minutes I was starting to get frantic. Zack however thought it was a great game chasing me around the house while I was shrieking. I came to the sick conclusion that Fat Cat must have got out the house somehow so I was upset at this point (both my cats are indoor cats so this would not be good) . I went to phone my husband when Zack jumped on the bed. I heard a squeak!!! I pulled back my quilt and underneath there she was, encased so tightly in our bed sheets she could not move. Literally wrapped tight like a mummy. How Fat Cat got so twisted up and stuck in bed sheets I will never know. I dread to think how long she had been like that and how she could breath. I was so relieved as you can imagine that she had not got out the house. I quickly untangled her and got her out of her body wrap. She then starts to scream at me and I am sure she was screaming "if you would make your ****!!ing bed every day this would not have happened!!!!". She then strutted off with Zack in hot pursuit.

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onecollie said...

oh poor kitty!!!! poor you!!!
so glad it was a happy ending....kinda funny though! LOL!