Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ready, Set, Go-pher!

Zack is the first terrier I have owned. The terrier instinct is starting to "click" for Zack this year now he is mature, however, he still hasn't "clued in" to what gophers are. He hears them, he sniffs their holes but has never been quick enough to see one. He can't figure it out. I can tell from his stance and senses that he knows something is there but he can't figure out where they are. He looks baffled. It is quite funny actually. He hasn't started to dig at the holes or anything yet. It is so tempting to egg him on by saying "get it" or "where's the gopher" but I have refrained from doing so. I really don't want him to ever get a critter or heaven forbid kill one, but it is probably inevitable at some point during his lifetime because he is a terrier. I am just not going to "train him" to do so. I am sure he will be obssessed in his own time...... ahahahahaha


onecollie said...

go get um Zach !!

Sarah said...

you've got a blog!!!! YAY!!!!