Friday, March 19, 2010

Rally Class

Last night Zack and I started a new 6 week Rally Class. Had lots of fun. I am pleased with how Zack is doing as we haven't been training for that long and he is doing really well with his stationary work but I have a hard time keeping Zack's attention when we are heeling. His mind tends to wander (or mine does ahahahaha). It seems that if I keep a fast pace that helps and also I am to treat him when he is there "with me" for the next little while. We will work on that when we are out on our daily walks and have a little "focused heeling session" for a couple of minutes here and there and the rest of the time I will let him "do his thing", so he doesn't get bored.

For the first time last night Zack and I did an exercise "off leash". Even though his heeling was not the best, I was thrilled with how he did and that he didn't take off and pounce (in a playful way of course) with the other dogs in the class. It has been a challenge with Zack growing up, he has had a one track mind and that has been other dogs and the need to play, so for him to be there with me was awesome.

I think these classes I have Zack in have helped so much with distractions and that kind of thing, and I think it will help when Zack and I venture into the world of agility training. I will keep you posted!!!


manymuddypaws said...

zack is doing super! he has really come a long way in a short time.

onecollie said...

Zack is doing great!
I have the same problem with Kort & attention, Amanda always tells me I need to be more fun then everything else around me, that way Kort will be more interested in me...try it, it works !