Sunday, October 24, 2010

Captain Zack

Yesterday the weather was perfect so we decided to go fishing, probably for the last time this season. Even though it got up to +10 degrees it felt like - 10 on the water, but it was beautiful. We all wore our thermals and Zack even wore his makeshift thermals and woolies to keep him warm for the day, especially seeing his coat has just been "plucked".

A flock of migrating snow geese flew overhead it was quite the sight, although I had the wrong lens on my camera so you can't see them too clearly but they had the perfect "V" formation.

The fishing was amazing. After the first 1/2 an hour we had lost count of how many fish we had caught. As soon as you put your line back in another one would bite - we must have caught a hundred. All the fish we catch we release.

Funny enough Zack is actually scared of the fish but he always watches when they are put back in the water. He is so cute.


marley said...

I fink we might haz to have a werd wiv da fashun police my pal....and then with mum. Woof

BODIE & GOO said...

Dude, wot is you wearin? How many layers is dat? Give us your address cos I'll just send you my Drizabone that Mum has given up makin me wearin. Good old Ozzie Drizabone, do or die!!!