Sunday, October 17, 2010

Humane Society Bare Bones Run

Today was the Humane Society Bare Bones Run/Walk. It is great as in this race you are allowed and encouraged to bring your dogs with you. There was a 1/2 marathon, a 9km run/walk and a 4km walk. My husband did the 1/2 marathon and Zack and I did the 9km. It was a frosty -5 morning but we were all ready to go...

Before the race started Zack couldn't help himself and played with a little Jack Russell friend who was also doing the 9km run.

The pictures are not the best as it was hard to hold the dog on a lead while he was playing and trying to get a picture at the same time.

Then we were off. The 1/2 marathoners went first and then the people doing the 9km (Zack and I) and then the 4km. We were one of the few walkers in the 9km but we motored along and still didn't finish last - which was my goal!! Zack was a trooper - he could have done the 1/2 marathon for sure - may be next year. After the race there was juice and cookies for the people and water and milkbones for the dogs. Here is a picture of Zack with Murphy another doggy participant we met during the race. He was only young and full of Labrador bounce LOL!!

My husband finished another 1/2 marathon today - he did really great.
This is him on his sprint to the finish. Way to go Pete!!!

Zack is always glad when Pete finishes - more scratches behind the ears.

Dylan decided to have a bit of a rest after his 9km run.

Zack was tired, but not tired enough to refuse a belly scratch from all the children.

It was perfect weather, lots of fun and a great day. I hope the Humane Society raised lots of money.


BODIE & GOO said...

Good on all you guys and gals and doggles. That's a serious amount of running and walking. At least those BTs are indestructible little critters and bred for hunting out with horses so would go fer miles. GO ZACK GO.

marley said...

Brilliant effort my pals. Well done to you all.