Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Zack was a sickly puppy on and off and the veterinary specialist in Calgary wrote on her report that Zack was anorexic along with all his other issues. I felt awful. It has always been a challenge to get Zack to eat on a daily basis since he was a puppy - he just doesn't eat. There were times he wouldn't eat hamburger, steak or anything. However, earlier this summer we were in Montana and Zack did not eat for 2 days. A friend of ours had their dog down there too and by chance I decided to give Zack some of his food (Orijin) instead of Zack's usual prescription food just to see if he would eat. He gobbled it and didn't get sick. Ever since then Zack has eaten this food everyday and loves it. He loves his treats and he has a new found love of food of all kinds which is a great feeling. I don't know what changed, whether his immune system kicked in or what, but I am so happy Zack is eating the way he is and is like a totally normal, healthy dog.

I never thought I would say these words but I think Zack has even become a "chunky monkey" as his ribs are well covered now. He is not fat, but I don't want him to gain any more weight especially if we are going to pursue our agility training (seriously, I can't believe I am talking about watching Zack's weight - it is brilliant!!! ahahah LOL) Healthwise, I am just so happy Zack is where he is today considering where he came from when he was younger.


marley said...

Ahem, dussnt you woree about bein a more rounded dog my pal. I do recommend it as a lifestyle. Is popliar wiv da ladies too *wink*

BODIE & GOO said...

Ah Zack what is life like ey, here's my Mum trying to skin a kg off me - aka the loungeroom lizard and your Mum trying to paste one on you. Do you think the postal system would work, what's mine is yours little buddy, I'll put it in an envelope. Mum knows what you mean cos my friend Brody is a nightmare eater and his Mum has had to work hard on getting him to eat too.