Sunday, November 28, 2010

It Won't Stop Snowing

I woke up this morning to god knows how many more inches of fresh snow and it's still snowing. The only blessing is that it is the warm fluffy snow (if there is such a thing) and actually it is lovely outside and not too cold. Zack and I went for about an hour walk this morning and didn't see a soul but the "die hards" like me and Zack were out there enjoying every minute of it. When we got back Zack was still playing in the back garden - he stole my glove - then found his white ball and was having a blast.

I caught Fat Cat watching us at the back door - it is waaaaayy too beneath her to step foot outside with snow on the ground!!!

Zacky is snuggled up on the couch now twitching and sleeping off his morning antics. I wonder if he is dreaming about those snow bunnies. LOL.


onecollie said...

that is so true Lisa, everyone hides in the winter & I love it. We get all the parks to ourselves, much better :)

WigglyZack said...

I know me too - it is the best thing about winter walks.

marley said...

WE got snow tooday my pal. About 12 inches. I am doin a fat cat and stayin inside in the warm.