Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This winter I bought Zack a new red winter coat and it was not cheap. He has been wearing it in my latest blogs and I love it. It is a perfect coat in every way except one and that is it interferes with his "winkle" and his "peeing". I thought it was just right when I first put it on him, it is in front of his wotsit and I thought all was good. However, the last few times I have taken Zack out it must be close enough it interferes as when Zack pees he just wees "up" all over his coat and belly and not away from him. I have tried everything to pull the coat away from that area but to no avail. They do not seem to make coats for small male dogs that are shorter in the back - not every dog is a dachshund and it makes me mad. I do not want to throw away the coat as it is brilliant so I think the only option is to cut a chunk out from the belly and have it stitched up. I am so not domestic so I will have to take it to a tailor to have the piece cut out and sewn up so poor Zacky is not compressed in any way. Blimy what a rigmarole for a little wotsit.

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Isabelle said...

Hi, I'm loving Zack's smart red coat he looks brilliant! Wish I lived around the corner from you as I'm quite a wizz with the sewing machine.. Alberta is a bit far away from Yorkshire though! Mr Mo hates wearing anything, he does have a waterproof coat and a fleece suit but when I put them on him he plants his paws and won't budge!! He's really funny. When it's extreme conditions then he has to wear something and I have to entice him to walk with a biscuit until he gets going. We're having a big freeze here in the UK but his fur is still nice and long and is keeping him warm enough. His problem is the salt they put on the roads, it makes his paws sore so I put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on his pads before we go out and it keeps him good.
anyway, stay warm and some licks to Zack from Mo x