Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mexican Vacation

We just got back from our vacation in Mexico and had a great time.

The resort was great. We swam in the caribbean sea or pool every day and got lots of sun, which was so nice as it was -30 degrees at home.

Went to a very authentic Mexican restaurant which was great.
Mexico is known for it's silver and through all the shops we visited this silver jewellry store had a large silver dog which reminded me of Zack so I just had to take a picture.

There are Iguanas everywhere in Mexico, they are very prolific. Everywhere you turn you see one or more, and man can they run - like bloody speedy gonzalas. Zack would be in heaven and have a field day with them - just like the gophers LOL!!

We had such a great time and it was a bit of a shock to come back to -30 degree weather, but I missed Zack alot while we were away and was glad to see this little face again.

Fat Cat must have missed him too as this morning she even followed Zack to the door when he went outside in the garden just to make sure he wasn't leaving again too!!!

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Marianne said...

Mexico is one of our favorite places to go! The food at the resorts is always great, and you can't beat the weather... Of course, you missed your buddy!