Sunday, April 10, 2011

House Guest

Zack met his pal Dylan the Labradoodle for a great walk yesterday morning. They ran off the lead over two fields and had a great time. Dylan loves to chase the gophers (ground squirrels) just like Zack but can never catch them. To get his own back Dylan proceeds to cock his leg and pee down their holes - it's ever so funny. On the way back to the car not one but four little bunnies darted out and the chase was on Zack was off "rabbiting" (but that's a whole other blog).

As Dylan and his parents are moving away once their house sells :( Dylan came back to our house with Zack for the day just to hang out and have fun. Dylan was fascinated by the neighbours chihuahuas on the other side of the fence. There were three of them yipping up a storm!!!

I was playing ball with them in the garden but Zack is so much quicker than Dylan so poor Dylan had no hope in hell in ever getting the ball. Poor boy.

Back inside I gave the dogs the "wait" command on the stairs and they were so cute and stopped dead at the same time - though from looking at Zack's face I don't think he was too happy LOL!

Dylan then decided it was time for a rest so Zack joined him on the stairs - it's such a shame they are leaving Zack will miss Dylan terribly. At Easter Dylan comes to stay for a whole week while his parents go to look at property to purchase in BC so that will be great albeit it is one step closer to them inevitably leaving :(

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marley said...

Oh deer. I do ope that Zack can get to see sum more of Dylan before he leev and that they will not be losin touch totaly.