Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peeewww what a Pong!!!

On Saturday Dylan decided to go take a dip in our local pond and as his back end went under a cloud of mud rose to the surface around him and as he came out he was coated in thick mud with a hint of pond scum. What was a blond Labradoodle was now a stinky Chocolate Labradoodle. Yuck.

Then last night we took the dogs to Park Lake for a run and on the way back through the trees Zacky got into his frenzied critter mode and wouldn't listen so I put him back on his lead as we were near the road. Back at the car and in a safer place I thought I would let Zack off one more time so he and Dylan could charge up and down the beach. As I let Zack off the lead he must of caught a whiff of something and he was off - 50 yards, 60, 70 yards - I was starting to panick and then Zack stopped, dropped and rolled, and rolled, and rolled. By the time we caught up to him he was doing a great impression of a breakdancer, wiggle wiggle wiggle, legs flailing, and then underneath him there it was a big, juicy rotten fish which Zack had managed to cover every inch of his body in. Zack then got up as if to say, look what I found mum!!! The smell in the car home was horrific and 15 minutes felt like an hour. Zack got a bath straight away.

After which he tore round the house for about an hour before finally settling down.

Little bugger. LOL.

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marley said...

Ooooops! You look like a little pup in those fotos Zack....but good werk all the same