Friday, April 1, 2011

Ups and Downs

Zack's hot spot seems to be a little better but it has not been not without a few hurdles. Now his sore has been drying up it became very itchy and Zack started to scratch it any chance he got. What was a dry scab then turned into a bleeding scab. So to try and curb Zack's enthusiasm I tried to think of something that would protect his hot spot from his back foot so he sported a new "doggy trend" - an athletic sock with some cool neon green leg wraps!! Zack didn't think so however he thought it was an alien appendage and tried to get it off every time my back was turned.

I didn't know what to do when I was not home. Should I put the leg wrap on tighter and take the chance of cutting off Zack's circulation or do I leave it as is and take the chance Zack gets the sock off and then decides to devour the fibrous alien appendage? I think either outcome would be worse than the actual hot spot itself.

So, the inevitable has happened and I had to put the dreaded cone on Zack's head and keep him in his pen when I wasn't home so he didn't hurt himself bumping into things. He has not been a happy camper.

As he has been cooped up in his pen when we get home and we let him out he tears around the garden and does his "chicken" dance to trying to get the cone off!!!! Now it is the weekend and we are around all the time he can be home free from any restrictions including the cone which is now removed and hopefully by Monday his sore will have healed enough I can leave him out with no cone on his head at all...fingers crossed. Blimy what a rigmarole - poor Zack.


BODIE & GOO said...

Oh no, not the dreaded cone. Glad to hear he's getting better.

marley said...

NOOOOOOOO!! The cone of shame. Well, at least its not a pink one like mine!!