Monday, May 23, 2011

Puppy Love

Our neighbours 4 doors down just got the cutest black and white standard parti-poodle puppy and her name is Paisley. Right now anyway she is about the same size as Zack and to help with her socialization yesterday Zack went down to visit and have some play time and they got along great together. Paisley showed no signs of fear and Zack was so good and polite with her. He didn't overwhelm her at all and they ran circles, tossed and tumbled and played for over an hour in the rain (hence no photos as I didn't want to get the camera wet). I was so glad for Paisley that her first play session with another dog since leaving her littermates went so well and Zack will be paying more visits in the future. Next time tho I am sure Paisley will be bigger than Zacky - but he won't care and we look forward to it.

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BODIE said...

Mr Social Butterfly. We like your new cover photo too.