Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walk for Guide Dogs

This morning Zack and I participated in a Charity Walk for Guide Dogs (and Service Dogs). Even tho it had just finished pouring rain and was quite cool there was a good turn out and lots of people and dogs showed up to show their support and raise some money.

This guide dog is due to retire and is almost 12 years old. What a great dog.

And this is one of the service dogs. He was a beautiful labrador.

It amazes me how guide dogs and service dogs are trained so well to handle all the commotion and excitement of so many dogs around at an event like this. Zack was beside himself with excitement in seeing so many dogs. He would soooooo fail at guide dog school just by saying hello!!! LOL

Zack thought he saw his first wooly mammoth (oh yeah, may be that was me) but it was just a 10 month old goldendoodle who came over to visit. He was so wet, muddy and oh so cute.

We waited for what seemed quite a while at the start but then we were off and the walk got underway. For participating in the walk and getting pledges Zack received some yummy treats (which have since been inhaled and are now no longer in existence).

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marley said...

Well done Zack. We can only serve in our own way so I fink you did be doin a very good job elpin on the walk.