Monday, May 2, 2011

Therapy Dog?

One of Zack's trainers asked if I ever considered doing therapy work with Zack at the local hospital as she thought he would be great. I have since filled out an application with St. John's Ambulance and will wait and see if we get called in for our preliminary testing etc. Hopefully Zack and I will pass the course with flying colours and we will be able to volunteer our time helping others. I think Zack will hopefully make the patients laugh and brighten up their day while they are in long term care or other facilities.


onecollie said...

Zack would be awesome!!!! You will pass with flying colours I'm sure, Tate & I love our therapy dog work :))

BODIE & GOO said...

Zack will be great. Bodie is an Outreach Therapy Pet with St Johns Ambulance/SPCA programme here. We just had to convince the old people in the hospital to please not feed him whole pieces of his cake, it wasn't helping his weight loss programme....