Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting Noticed

This weekend I attended an agility trial that was held in Lethbridge to try and promote my Pet Portrait business for the first time. I set up a booth, hung my banner and tried to get my name out there.

Zack and Dylan came along. I had a tent set up to keep the dogs in but Zack kept escaping out underneath the tent - I should have known LOL - so he sat next to me in his chair like a little gem.

If he wasn't in his chair he was on my lap or under the table in the shade. He was surprisingly well behaved and I was very happy he hung out, took it all in and was such a good boy.

Occasionally he would peek out to see what was happening then go back to sleep.

We got to see two more border terriers, one of which was doing agility and did very well. It was great to see the three of them together. All in all it was a good weekend, the weather was great (albeit too hot) and hopefully people noticed some of my work. I donated a prize of a pet portrait and it was given to a veteran dog which is a bearded collie!! Woo hoo - that will be great fun to paint!!!


marley said...

Well done always good to elp the humans wiv der obbbies.

Bodie said...

ah you need one of those banners with Zackie on.