Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Run Run Run

Here are a few more pictures of Paisley's latest visit, as soon as she arrives it is non stop running round and round

Now Paisley's legs are so long her one stride is about the same as 3 of Zacks so he has learned to tuck his bum in and turn tight circles

but occasionally he misjudges

then let's Paisley know about it

and then gets his own back LOL

It is a great way keep the dogs amused and within a couple of minutes of Paisley leaving Zacky is out cold!!!

He is so darn cute!!!


marley said...

I want one!! Can Paisley come visit us?

Bodie said...

Awesome action shots. Zack you look like Road Runner with your legs tucked up like that. BEEP BEEP.

Constance said...

When I look at these I can see just how much Paisley has grown since May! Thank goodness Zack is willing to put up with her. She loves him so much.