Saturday, December 29, 2012

A White Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone and we have been to my sister's in Montana and back already.  The drive through the mountains was beautiful but the roads were a bit dicey.   Luckily we got there and back safely and this was the view from my sister's window.   Can't complain eh.

We took Zack for a walk along the Swan River trail and it is very different walking this time of year rather than the summer.   Looking down on the river with the snow topped rocks was truly amazing.

After lots of ripping of paper Zacky was happy with this one gift we got him.   He shook, squeaked and pulled at it for all of 3 minutes until it was disembowelled as usual - but it is always fun to watch him while it lasted LOL

Surprisingly Zack was on his best behaviour at my sisters, don't know whether he has grown up (I thought he was sick - but he wasn't LOL) because he was so quiet.   He slept on his bed or kept glued to our sides and just was really calm.   I was quite proud of him as my sister is not really a dog person - and Zack is usually an 'in your face" kinda dog.    May be he knew where he was LOL.

 The only drawback at my sisters is that they don't have any fenced yard and with all the forest, deer and other Montana critters there was no off leash at all until we took him to the Whitefish Dog Park.  It is the best fenced dog park I have ever seen.   Firstly, it is beautiful and then there is a big dog park and a separate small one.   There are shelters and picnic areas.  They are now building a dog pond for dogs who like to swim as well.  The view is amazing and it started to snow while we were there - very Christmasy.

Zack was having a blast with the dogs.

They even have a very low A Frame which was covered in snow.

Can you see the two tunnels?  They are built of solid metal which go through dirt banks and come out the other side.  How cool is that.

It was a great way to spend an hour or two and I have lots more photos of Zack burning off some energy with some new doggy pals at the park.  Til next time.....

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marley said...

Looks lovely in Montanner my pal....woof